Why New Jersey seniors love Fort Lauderdale

Living in New Jersey as a senior has its procs but a lot of seniors actually find the cons to be more influential which is why most elderly people decide to leave New Jersey. The reasons are different. But where are they moving to? A lot of them move to Florida. Not only New Jersey seniors but seniors from all over the country decide to relocate to Florida. There are plenty of cities there where a lot of seniors live but Fort Lauderdale is a special place. New Jersey seniors love Fort Lauderdale and are moving there in large numbers. If you are a senior yourself looking for a new place to call home, we suggest Fort Lauderdale, and here is where you will read just why.

The weather

One of the first reasons why New Jersey seniors love Fort Lauderdale is the weather there. This is a coastal town in Florida. Because of this, the climate is much warmer than it is in New Jersey. And when you are a senior, you have lots of time on your hands. And when you do, you certainly want as many days to be days with nice sunny warm weather.

That is exactly what living in Fort Lauderdale is like. Living in Fort Lauderdale means being able to go outside and enjoy the nice sunny weather almost every day. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a place? If you already are thinking about moving to Fort Lauderdale from New Jersey if you are tired of all the wind and rain, orangemover.com can assist with making the moving process easier.

Fort Lauderdale.
The weather is mostly nice in this lovely city which is perfect for seniors.

Cheaper housing

Another reason why New Jersey seniors love Fort Lauderdale is the fact that it has pretty affordable housing. You can buy a lovely big home near the coast of the Ocean for just around 350,000 dollars. When you compare this price to a price for such a house in New Jersey, it already makes you want to leave NJ.

The best part about moving to a Fort Lauderdale home is that you have someone to help you. Reliable assistance is nearby always if living in Fort Lauderdale and hiring different moving services is always possible. They will make moving into your new Forth Lauderdale home much easier.

Beach houses.
Buying a beach house is easier than ever if you move to Florida.

Finding reliable interstate moving assistance is not easy if you do not know how to do it. This is why it might be a good idea to leave finding movers to your children and grandchildren who know much better than you just how to do so.


Another reason why New Jersey seniors love Fort Lauderdale is the fact that it is a safe city to live in. There isn’t a lot of crime on the streets. This is also why parents with children are also moving to Fort Lauderdale. And living in a town where mostly the elderly live and people with small children is definitely a good idea. Even though this is so, a lot of people decide to leave Florida for New Jersey as well. But these mostly are young people. The majority of citizens in Florida are the elderly because Florida is much safer.

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