Why is New Jersey a favorite neighboring state to Pennsylvanians

New Jersey continues to attract young people looking for good jobs, quality health care, or just some fun pleasure activities. Also, if you are a foodie, there is no better place! New Jersey has some amazing restaurants and food in general. Also, this is a great place to raise kids. So as you can see this is a very popular state. Of course, the neighbors from Pennsylvania (mostly from Philadelphia) just love to pop up for some weekend fun activities and they tend to stay. Here are some more reasons why New Jersey is a favorite neighboring state to Pennsylvanians.

The studies have shown…

There is no curfew and it is much safer to live and raise kids in New Jersey. Some of the best places to live in NJ are Princeton, Ridgewood, and Mountain Lakes. There is a study called “best states to raise the family” by MoneyRates and guess who is the winner two years in a row? You guessed it. The safest place is River Vale Township. The richest town is Glen Ridge. Voted to be the most beautiful beach in Ocean City. Also, if you are just visiting check out their family resort the kids will love it.

A sunset at the beach in New Jersey, a favorite neighboring state to Pennsylvanians.
You will be able to find some amazing beaches here.

Moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey

Any relocation can be stressful. Especially if you are moving with kids, and most people from Pennsylvania are relocating with their families to look for better jobs or schools. But don’t worry, the kids might look fussy at the begging but they adapt quickly to a favorite neighboring state to Pennsylvanians.  There is something you can do to make this relocation less of a hassle. Learn how to do it quickly and hire professional movers. There is no need to do everything by yourself.

Leave this part to professionals.

Choosing where to live in New Jersey, a favorite neighboring state to Pennsylvanians

This is something you want to include the whole family with. This decision will affect everyone so they all should be included. Do a lot of research before you decide. After you decide which city will be best, hiring a real estate agent can help you speed things up.

Where to start

The obvious part is the packing.  Although there is something you can do before packing. This is the perfect time to look carefully at all of your household belongings and start decluttering. Getting rid of unnecessary things will make packing easier. Now you can start with the sorting and packing. If you have too much stuff and not enough time, ask skilled teams to help you. Yes, they can do even this for you.


Take your time to discover your new city and neighborhoods. Time is the key to adaptation. Get to know the next-door neighbors too. It might feel weird and different but soon you will feel here at home. You just need some time to learn the ways and get a new routine. Also, explore all the fun things you can enjoy in your spare time. Hopefully, this will be your forever home and you will be happy with the decision you made. Good luck and safe travels!

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