Why choose Fairfax if you want to retire out of state

Finally, you have the fruits of your labor and retirement is here. After all those years working, you can enjoy and relax. Travel, spend time with your family friends, do something you always wanted. Now you have enough time. If you always wanted to move to another state, maybe now is the right time. Moving to Virginia is one of the options you have. It is an amazing state with many beautiful cities and Fairfax is one of them. But, why should you choose Fairfax if you want to retire? What are the reasons for moving there after retirement and how to move there with ease?

What are the reasons to choose Fairfax if you want to retire?

Before you start organizing the move, you should be sure about your final decision. Why do retirees want to live in Virginia, in this case in Fairfax? These are some of the reasons why elder people choose to move to Fairfax, even if they are not from Virginia originally.

  • Low crime rate – here you do not have to worry too much about crime because it is a very safe place. The crime rate in the entire Fairfax country is lower than the crime rate in Arlington County which is a neighboring country.
  • Public transportation – the Metro system has its problems but overall it is not that bad. A lot of people are using public transportation in Fairfax to get around the city.
  • Proximity – Fairfax is close to many different attractions. Also, big cities such as Washington and Alexandria are near. Just take a short drive and you will have access to everything. Restaurants, museums, theaters, galleries, etc. Also, you do not need to go to another city to have fun. There are plenty of things to do in Fairfax as well.

Fairfax is one of the places in Virginia where you can retire. Before you start your new part of life, you should move here.

An older couple walking decided it's better to choose Fairfax if you want to retire
Enjoy your life after retirement – you deserved it

Besides exploring this amazing city, you should explore moving companies from this area. So, you will move hassle-free. Keep in mind that professionals are there for you for moving and settling in. Hire a moving company that is reliable, experienced, and reputable. Moving as a senior requires help. It is not easy to move by yourself when you are a little bit older. 

How to move to Fairfax after retirement?

Moving to another state as a senior can be dangerous because you can experience some moving injuries. SO, how to move long-distance and be safe? Make your relocation to Fairfax, Virginia easy with some simple tips. Having a moving guide may help you a lot. Think about these tasks before you move.

Choose your new home in Fairfax

One of the first steps when moving to a new city is to choose a home where you will live. Contact a local real estate agent who already knows this area and see the housing options. How to choose the right house for you and what to pay attention to?

  • Older people usually pick a house over an apartment because of the stairs. Ground floor houses may be the perfect solution for seniors.
  • Easy, walkable access to the community is also an important factor. Enjoy your life after getting retired and be active, have fun. You do not need to be only in your house watching TV. Fairfax has a lot of fun things and places to offer, explore this place after moving here. It is better when you can walk to amenities because driving may be hard and exhausting sometimes.
  • If you are buying a house, make sure it does not need major renovations. Do not spend time worrying about things like fixing the roof, walls, plumbing, etc.
  • Having a big backyard is beautiful but it takes a lot of time and energy to keep it clean and organized.
A man lifting boxes.
Moving as a senior require assistance

Hire a moving company

How will you transport all your belongings from one state to another? Even if you are younger, this task is complicated for inexperienced persons. The safest and easiest solution is to hire a professional moving company and it is highly recommended. This way you will avoid moving injuries, and you do not have to drive a vehicle full of moving boxes by yourself. It is exhausting.

Start by researching online and also ask for recommendations. Learn how to recognize a reliable moving company and hire the best one. Contact a few of them from Virginia such as posmoving.com and compare different services and moving costs. Choose Fairfax if you want to retire and move there but organize your relocation.

Packing and unpacking services too

Transportation is not the only problem you should think about. Packing and unpacking are also tasks that are more difficult when you are older. Lifting and carrying large and heavy items is not easy and simple. That is why you should have professional moving assistance to help you out. For example, if you are moving for retirement during summer, high heat can make you sick and tired.

Packing and moving process.
Get help with packing and unpacking your items and move with ease

Update your documents

After moving to Fairfax, do the change of address, ID, and other documents. Also, do not forget to transfer your medical records. Contact utility companies to notify them you are moving to a new state.

Calculate the costs of moving to another state

Did you prepare your budget for moving to Virginia? You will need to calculate not only the moving costs but also, fees of changing all the documents, utilities, transportation costs, rent, etc. Prepare your moving budget. Choose Fairfax if you want to retire but moving there is not free and also, the costs of living there are not the most affordable in the country. Be completely prepared including the bills.

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