Why are New Yorkers deciding to move to New Jersey

Living in New York is amazing, but nowadays you can find a lot of New Yorkers who decided to move to New Jersey. New York is a city that never sleeps, it offers a lot of amazing job opportunities and has everything you need and more. Why are they moving? Here are some of the reasons.

Main decision to move to New Jersey – it’s more affordable

The amazing thing about living in New Jersey is that it’s very affordable. Rent is way cheaper, taxes are lower and quality of life is amazing. The best thing is that you can have all of this and still be close to NYC! Whether you are planning a family move or relocating by yourself, life costs are much lower compared to The Big Apple.

Renting and buying real estate in NJ

Both renting and buying real estate in NJ are way more affordable than in NYC. This is usually the number one reason why New Yorkers decide to move to New Jersey. The money you would use to pay for a small studio in NYC can get you a really spacious and modern apartment in NJ.

living room with white couches
Real estate is so much affordable in NJ!

Low Taxes

Pretty much everything is more budget-friendly in NJ, mostly because of the lower taxes. Fun fact for fashion lovers – clothes do not have sales taxes! You can get clothes from your favorite brands at more affordable prices!

Reasons to move to New Jersey – good quality of life

While NYC is always busy and has tension in the air, NJ is very easygoing and calm. Don’t get us wrong – NJ is still an urban and modern city, but the overall atmosphere is peaceful. NJ also offers a lot of amazing outdoor activities and it has beautiful beaches where you can chill after work or during the weekend. You can also have fun at some of the clubs and pubs and not spend a small fortune.

birds flying over the sea in New Jersey
Relaxing on the beach during the weekend is always a good idea!


In case this was enough to convince you to move to New Jersey, then you should start planing the move! The first thing you should do is pack properly. If for some reason you are not able to do it yourself or you simply don have time or do not want to bother with it, worry not. This is why help is always at your disposal, and you can always count on professionals to help you out!

Hiring moving company

Speaking of professionals, we will always suggest hiring a moving company like movage-moving.com. Moving is a big decision and it carries a lot of different tasks besides packing and transportation. This is why you should at least leave this part for professionals to handle. Your items will be well-taken care of and you have nothing to worry about!

Get ready to move

We hope this guide was helpful. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain – moving to New Jersey is always a good idea and has a lot of benefits. Good luck with your move!


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