Why are New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio

Ohio is the state that most often gets neglected and overlooked. This is a shame because it is a hidden gem of the midwest. One of its best attributes is that it is a great and family-friendly state. With so much to do here with your whole family, it is no wonder that there is an influx of young families. The trend also shows many New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio. Running away from the hustle of the big centers like NYC and Philly, New Jersey families are moving inland in search of Ohio as a family refuge.

Why Ohio – in short?

Well, the state seems to be one big playground. There is much to do here for both the kids and big kids (parents) alike. If you combine this to its affordability, education culture, and people you get one of the best places to raise a family in the US. The place is perfect for children’s camps and outdoor activities. Also, many amusement parks and ZOOs are perfect for entertaining children.

Business centers and strong economy are the reasons for New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio
With over  82 state and national parks, Ohio is a picturesque state.

There is also a lot to do for parents. With many wineries and breweries, it is a place to rest and relax any chance you get. Nature is great for hiking, biking, rock climbing, or enjoying kayaking. The state also offers the opportunity to meet new and diverse people and expand your social circle. The schooling system is great and there are many perfectly calm and tranquil neighborhoods to raise your kids. With all this, it is clear why young families are rushing to Ohio.

The key features of Ohio

There are many specific reasons to come and settle in Ohio. If you are reading up on this topic you have already considered it. So, before you call Zippy Shell Columbus to handle your move let’s research Ohio some more. Many young parents have identified the best aspects of Ohia that are drawing them in. So, here is what you should also know before you move here:

  • Natural beauty and weather
  • Job market
  • Cost of living
  • Education
  • People

Natural beauties and the weather

Ohio has stunning nature and offers landscapes that can take your breath away.  The scenery is perfect for rest and relaxation in many of the parks and nature preserves. With over 110 lakes it is also perfect for enjoying some water activities and fun. The lakes are also accompanied by some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the US.

In addition, the weather in Ohio is great. It offers a lot of opportunities to spend time outside and enjoy nature. Outdoor activities are diverse and attractive to New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio. Nature and adventure are the key selling points but Ohio has even more to offer.

Job market

Ohio is a magnet for many young professionals that are moving here with their families. The reason is that the economy is booming and experiencing a revolution. Creative industries are experiencing expansion and pushing back a production-based economy. New technology is drawing young and technologically advanced workers.

A painting of old city in Ohio
Ohio has a long history and heritage and is a diverse place of culture

This change is also influencing changes in more traditional industries like fashion. Brand name companies are moving in causing the change in the structure of the economy. This change is also influencing the job market diversification and development. In turn, this means that job opportunities are on the rise drawing in more and more professionals moving in with their families.

Cost of living

In addition to the great job and career opportunities Ohio also offers a very affordable lifestyle. The state is not that pricey and it offers a great many opportunities to live quite well on a budget. With this in mind, the trend of New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio becomes clear. NJ can get quite expensive and unaffordable. On the opposite, Ohio is one of the most affordable states.

Even the biggest cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus are more affordable than other cities in NJ and other states. This is not only true for rent prices but also for property prices. The overall cost of living is also considerably lower and is lingering at an average level in the US with even the moving services calculation being acceptable.


Ohio has some of the best schools in the US. From the highs school system to the universities Ohio has great results in educating future generations. Blue Ribbon elementary schools and gold star high schools are just the start.

Ohio State Unoversity
Ohio State University offers top of the line education for a diverse group of students from all over the world

Ohio State University, Xavier, and O Columbus State Community College are producing high-level professionals that are working in some of the best companies in the US. This schooling system is drawing in both families with children and students from all over the world.

Inbound students are a considerable part of the population in Ohio. They are lucky to find affordable housing in Ohio. In addition, they have easy access to affordable storage. However, if you need storage you should still be careful when looking for a unit. Make sure you get what you need without paying too much for storage.

The people and culture

Overall Ohio is a very diverse state. This characteristic stems from the long history and heritage. There is even a large Amish community in Ohio. The spirit of tolerance can be felt everywhere. Today the heterogeneity is also preserved through the Columbus University. The diversity of students that come from all over the world adds to the mixture of people. The variety in culture, nationality, languages, and religions is unparalleled to any other state.

Knowing this, once you move here you will be met with a warm welcome. Once your move and you complete a safe transfer of your household items you will have no trouble finding a helping hand. Your new neighbors in Ohio will be more than happy to help you complete your household move and settle in.

A theatre in Ohio is perfect for New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio.
Ohio is known for its culture, education, and friendly communities

Knowing what Ohio offers and means for family living it is no wonder. The opportunities here are great and it is easy to fall in love with this state. This is one of the biggest magnets for many young families looking to relocate here with propper assistance. Make sure you come here and find the perfect place for you and your family.

With this in mind, it is also important to say that the people in Ohio have the reputation of being the nicest and most welcoming in the US. The mentality of the people is that everyone is a neighbor and that everyone is a friend in Ohio. Today, there are many New Jerseyan couples deciding to raise a family in Ohio.

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