What can movers help you with (other than moving)?

Moving is a process that you can handle yourself. You may decide to DIY the job and perhaps recruit some help from friends and family. But you can also hire movers. Movers are professional, equipped, and experienced in handling your move. They do much more than just carry stuff, load, and unload. Today they provide a variety of services for and connected to moving. But there is much more they can do. If you were wondering what movers help you with besides moving, here is a short recap of what they do!

Moving companies

The moving industry is developing fast and the demand and competition on the market has influenced that development. Today, movers offer multiple services that compliment your moving needs. Tik Tok Moving and Storage handles a variety of services from moving to storage. At the same time, they are equipped to provide additional non-moving services.  In addition to simple moving activity: loading, transport, and unloading moving companies now offer a pallet of services:

  • moving insurance
  • packing and unpacking
  • disassembly and assembly
  • handling of specialty furniture

    Storage facilities
    Movers can provide a variety of services other than moving: packing, storage, insurance, physical assistance


Reputable movers provide insurance for your belongings. They do so to protect your items and ensure that everything is safe and covered.

Packing and unpacking

Professional packing services are part of the full-service many mover offer. You can hire your movers to do the packing for you. They will use their moving supplies and pack with professional care and attention. They will also unpack your belongings in your new home.


Moving furniture can be tricky and may cause damage. To protect it well movers provide disassembly service. They will take apart fragile furniture and pack the pieces individually for protection during transport. They will also assemble everything in your new home.

Special furniture

If you are moving a pool table, backyard swing set, or a piano you need professional movers. They are equipped and experienced in moving and carrying these kinds of items. For an additional fee, you will be sure that your special items are securely transported and safe.

Man taping a cardboard box as packing is something movers help you with besides moving.
Other than moving you can get a professional packing service from your movers

Even more

In addition, movers can perform a variety of services even if you are not moving. For a fee, you can hire movers to help you with a variety of stuff. So, make sure to research what some NJ experts in this field say and do.

They can help you handle trash, furniture, and other stuff while you are cleaning your garage, basement, or attic.

They will help you clean out a house for remodeling. Many offer short term storage solutions that are handy in these situations. After you are done, they will also put everything back.

Movers will also help you transport furniture from the store, or move it from house to house. Professionals can also help you rearrange your house and move furniture around.

Even if you are not hiring them to handle your move they can help you load and unload your moving truck. In so-called hybrid moves, you can hire movers to pack and load your moving truck. Then you are free to transport your household by yourself. In the meantime, a new group of movers will be waiting ti unload the tuck at your new home.

Trolley with some boxes on it
Movers are equipped and have knowledge and experience to help you around your household

What you get

When hiring professional movers to handle other jobs you are sure to get:

  • professionals that know what they are doing
  • have experience and knowledge
  • bring specialty moving equipment

So, you can benefit from hiring movers for other jobs as well. They can make your job easier whether you are moving a piece of furniture downstairs or rearranging the whole household.

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