Top places for fans of nature in Essex County

Essex County is a county in New Jersey, located in the northeastern part. It is a country that has a lot to offer, especially if you are a fan of nature. Here are some of the top places for fans of nature in Essex County that you will enjoy visiting. 

Life is too short to spend days inside, right? That’s why you should go out and explore nature. You might decide to relocate into one of the best places to live in Essex County, NJ, and be closer to some of these places. There are beautiful locations all over Essex Country. So, here’s a list of top places for fans of nature in Essex County.

South Mountain Reservation  

First on the list of top places for fans of nature in Essex County is South Mountain Reservation. It is the biggest parkland with more than two thousand acres of the nature reserve. So, it is a place in Essex Country that all people who like nature must visit. South Mountain Reservation has 19 miles of hiking and walking trails. Trails here range from 6 miles to half a mile. Then, there are 27 miles of carriage roads for jogging, horse riding, and cross-country skiing. Also, the Reservation offers fishing at Diamond Mill Pond, Hemlock Falls, and diverse wildlife.  So, when you’re preparing for the relocation and looking for Fairfield specialists that will help you get settled, be make sure to add visiting this Reservation to your to-do list.

If you have little kids, try the Rahway Fairy Trail. It is a half-mile trail inhabited by fairies. This funny family-friendly hike is dotted with delicate fairy structures. 

Man Hike - Top places for fans of nature in Essex County
South Mountain Reservation is one of the top places for fans of nature in Essex County.

Eagle Rock Reservation – One of the top places for fans of nature in Essex County

With more than four hundred acres, the Eagle Rock Reservation is a park along the Watchung Mountains ridgeline. It is located between West Orange, Montclair and Verona. But, the Essex County Department of Parks owns and administers it. 

The reservation name originates after the Eagle Rock. It is a bare rock looking down from the mountain, which marks the boundary between Montclair and West Orange. The 40 mile Lenape Trail passes through the reservation and skirts the eastern edge of the park. The trails and footpaths that cross the woodland and boggy areas of the park are friendly for fans of nature of all ages and abilities. So, hire Gibraltar Van Lines to help you relocate to Essex Country if this seems appealing to you.

Also, many rivers flow throughout the reservation. The Eagle Rock Reservation forests are home to plentiful wildlife. Including deer and infrequently bears. Also, there is a restaurant and special event location on the grounds of the reservation. The main entrance to the reservation is in Eagle Rock Avenue. It is home to a large green, and overlook to the east with amazing views of the NYC Skyline.

Top places for fans of nature in Essex County – Branch Brook Park

This is the nation’s first county park located in the North Ward, between Forest Hill and Roseville. Branch Brook Park is famous for the biggest collection of cherry blossom trees in the USA. It’s having over five thousands of trees in more than eighteen different varieties collectively called Cherryblossomland. Also, the park is famous for its magnificent Cherry Blossom Festival every April. So, if this attracts you, use this quick packing guide for beginners and relocate here.

The Newark Light Rail runs on the park’s west side. So, there are many access points to its from Downtown Newark. Also, Branch Brook Park is listed on both the National and the New Jersey Registers of Historic Places. 

Cherry Trees
Make sure you visit Branch Brook Park in April.

Grover Cleveland Park

Grover Cleveland Park is a heavily wooded park of 41 acres in the western section of Essex County. So, if you want to move and make this place your new home you have to visit Grover Cleveland Park. The park contains:

  • Rolling hills. 
  • Extensive meadows. 
  • Water features. 

Grover Cleveland Park a very short neatly cut lawn, large trees, and 3 acres of waterways. Pine Brook Creek runs through the park feeding a small pond at the lower end. Also, various footbridges connect the two areas of the Grover Cleveland Park divided by the water.

The park offers natural beauty and space for relaxation and recreation. It contains lighted tennis and shuffleboard courts. Then, fieldhouse, baseball field, and summer concert activities. Plus, playground, fishing, jogging walkways, picnic grove, and ice skating.

Verona Park – Top places for fans of nature in Essex County

Verona park is more than 50 acres park with a lake that provides excellent opportunities for paddle boating and fishing. This park is the fifth-largest park within Essex Park System. Plus, it is one of the top places for fans of nature in Essex County. 

Once an old swamp, the lake was first developed in 1814. Later, this lake, with weeping willow trees and winding paths became a perfect place for family activities. But, even before becoming a county park, people come there by way of the Bloomfield Avenue trolley. They were swimming, going on a picnic and enjoying some commercial entertainments. Now, fans of nature use this park for boating, bathing, skating, picnics, and band concerts. If you are new in the Essex Country use ideas for meeting people in a new town and visit this park.

Picnic Dog
Have a picnic in Verona Park.

Anderson Park 

Anderson Park is a small suburban park in Upper Montclair. But, the park is unstructured. People generally use it for strolling, frisbee playing, and informal picnics.

However, Anderson Park is a favorite among strollers, dog walkers, and kids that are learning to ride bicycles. Its field is used for volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse. Also, paved pathways attract joggers and are wheelchair friendly. Every fall, Anderson Park is hosts the popular Art in the Park. That is the arts-and-crafts show. Also, year-round, the park works as a village green for the Upper Montclair shopping district nearby.

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