Top Manhattan neighborhoods for New Jerseyan fashion enthusiasts

New York City is the perfect city for those who are into fashion. It provides everything one might need in order to better their fashion sense and to be inspired and pushed towards something new and more creative. New York City is a city where you can see millions of people on the streets every day. And most of those people are tourists coming from all over the world. If you are a fashion enthusiast yourself and you have been thinking about moving to NYC, we believe that it is best to move to Manhattan. Especially if you are from New Jersey. New Jersey fashion enthusiasts often move to Manhattan as Manhattan is very inspiring. But we want you to know that there are a couple of neighborhoods that are considered to be top Manhattan neighborhoods for fashion enthusiasts.

West Village

One of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for those of you who like fashion is West Village. Lets us tell you about its position first. It has a beautiful view across to the neighborhood of Hoboken in New Jersey. And if you have lived in New Jersey, you have probably seen this part of Manhattan from across the river a million times.

It is a very popular neighborhood among fashion lovers as this neighborhood is full of trendy restaurants, bars and cafes. Some of them are popular and some are just very aesthetic making them perfect for taking photos. Not only do you have where to take plenty of pictures for social media but you also have plenty of trendy stores where you could buy some amazing clothing pieces.

Fashion clothes store.
Finding unique pieces is easy when you live in a neighborhood where you have plenty of stores to shop in.

Why is West Village one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for New Jerseyan fashion enthusiasts

You can find any store in this part of the city. From big name brands stores to small locally-owned shops with hand-made clothing. If you are into fashion, you surely know and understand that being able to easily access places where buying unique clothing pieces is possible is very important.

But that is not the only thing making this the perfect place for a fashion enthusiast from New Jersey to move to. It is also the fact that West Village is where a lot of fashion shows are being held which is another very important thing for those who are in the fashion industry. Have in mind that this part of the city is not affordable to live in at all. This is why not everyone can afford to live here unfortunately. But if you can, you can reach out to skilled people in this area to help you settle into your West Village home.


Another perfect neighborhood for those who love fashion is located near by and it goes by the name SoHo. You have probably heard of this neighborhood in songs, movies and TV shows. And there is no wonder why you know about it. It is a very popular neighborhood in New York City, especially among those who love fashion. This is another part of the city where buying unique designer clothing is easily possible because there are big name brand stores to be found on every step in Soho. There are plenty of malls in this neighborhood as well which makes shopping a lot easier.

Soho apartments.
Soho is considered to be one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods to live in.

Soho is a neighborhood where a lot of famous people live which is perfect for fashion enthusiasts. Being able to run into a famous person is always a good way to catch up with the newest trends.

But there is a big disadvantage of moving to Soho which you have to consider if moving to NYC from NJ. It is a crazily expensive neighborhood to live in. Renting an apartment here costs a lot of money and buying one is rarely possible. But the homes in Soho are beautiful. They are the classic Manhattan apartments that you see everywhere. Most of them are small but they are well built which makes them seem not so small. Moving to Soho is possible with They will make your relocation a breeze.

Garment District

The third place on our list goes to Garment District also known as the Garment Center. You can already tell by the name that it is one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for people who love fashion. It has been given this name because it is where numerous fashion showrooms are located as well as lots of stores and malls. This is the neighborhood where most tourists come to shop because this part of the city is certainly where you will find plenty of good clothing items.

Mall stores.
Malls and stores are to be found on every step.

This is a very busy neighborhood to live in. This is why we would not recommend it for those who have small children. But this doesn’t mean that living here with a child is a bad idea. There are some good schools in the area. We also cannot forget to mention that this part of Manhattan is safe. Moving to Garment District with a child is a good idea when you consider all of this. But if you do not want your child to grow up in such a busy environment, there are plenty of amazing NYC neighborhoods for people with children.

But what we can tell you that it is a good idea for sure is expanding your business to this part of Manhattan. As it is a busy part of the city, your business will certainly have a lot of success.

The Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is another amazing neighborhood in Manhattan where plenty of New Jerseyans are moving to. It is one of the most popular places in the world. It is the neighborhood where plenty of TV shows and movies were filmed. You probably already know how the streets look but you just don’t know that it is this particular neighborhood. This is one of the best places to be in during the holidays in NYC which is why this is generally a busy neighborhood, especially during winter.

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