Tips for renting a portable storage unit for an interstate move

Having to go through the packing process before an interstate move can be a bit painstaking. However, there are some tips and tricks to help guide you through it all. Renting a portable storage unit might sound somewhat excessive to some. This is mostly because it usually costs a bit extra. Nonetheless, once you see everything that you’ll get out of it, you might change your mind.

Advantages of renting a portable storage unit

There are plenty of great sides to renting out a portable storage unit:

  • You can pack freely
    Once you rent a portable storage unit, you don’t have to be as space-conscious as you would’ve otherwise. There’s no need to search for packing dos and don’ts that’ll save space.
  • They’re actually cost-effective
    If you decide to rent a portable storage unit, you won’t have to do much else. Not if you don’t want to, anyway. This means that you’ll save up on some otherwise unnecessary steps.
  • Your items will be secure
    All your belongings will be in a far more secure place than if you were to keep and move them in regular packing equipment.
  • All your other moving-related obligations will be easier
    Once you’ve rented a portable storage unit, you’ll be able to do everything else much more smoothly. No matter if you need to clean your home from scratch or simply have it ready for real estate staging, you’ll need your belongings to be elsewhere.
  • They’re reusable
    Another great thing that you should have in mind before you pick a portable storage unit is that it can be used multiple times.
The word "safe" written out with scrabble letters.
Renting out a portable storage unit is one of the safest ways to transport your belongings during an interstate move.

Make sure to be straightforward before renting out a portable storage unit

Organizing a move is a stressful process. Trying to alleviate that stress in any way is always welcome. In order to do so, you need to be straightforward with yourself and your moving company. Knowing how many portable storage units you want to rent and for how long is necessary. These decisions should be made prior to taking any additional action. Make sure to consult someone more experienced if you’re uncertain about anything at all.

Easy transportation with portable storage units

One of the best things about renting portable storage units is that it’s incredibly practical. By opting for this convenient way to transport your items, you’ll get to focus on some much more pressing moving matters.

Don’t overdo it

Keep in mind that you don’t need to bring everything with you. No matter what your budget is, don’t bring things that you’ll have no use for. Donate or sell them instead.

A sketch of a man throwing trash in a bin showing how you shouldn't be wasteful when renting a portable storage unit.
Make sure to be responsible and not wasteful when renting portable storage units.

Don’t be wasteful

You’ll need to declutter your home pretty often during this process. How you do it is important. If an eco-friendly option is presented, you should take it. Although it might be a bit more costly, we all need to pitch in as much as possible in order to have a brighter future.

Get insurance

Although renting a portable storage unit is one of the safest options, you can never be too secure. Getting insurance for your items isn’t too costly and it’ll give you some peace during this time.

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