Tips for packing furniture for the international relocation

When people moving overseas, they often leave all their items. But, you don’t have to do it, because all your household items can be moved internationally. Even the biggest pieces of furniture can be packed and moved. Packing furniture for international relocation is not easy and simple, but it is possible. With the right tips, you will pack like a pro. We can help you.

What to consider before you start to pack?

Before you start packing furniture for the international relocation, there are some things you should consider and decide what to take and what to leave.

  • Where you are moving to? What is the climate there? Some materials can take too high temperatures and humidity. If moving out of NJ to Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, the climate is very different there.
  • How long will you stay abroad? If it is not a long period of time, then you probably shouldn’t move your furniture overseas. It is not cheap.
  • Why you are moving to another continent? If it is for education (college), you can’t move a lot of items because dorm rooms are very small.
  • How big your new home is, do you have all the measurements? If the apartment is small, carefully pick what items you will relocate.
  • Are there any restrictions on importing? Don’t waste your time by packing furniture for the international relocation that cannot be imported.
  • How much money will transportation cost you, can you afford it? You can try to negotiate with companies and get a better deal, but you should know that it is not inexpensive.
Packing furniture for the international relocation in boxes.
Collect enough moving boxes and supplies for packing furniture for the international relocation

Guide to packing furniture for the international relocation

If you decided that it is a better option to relocate your furniture and the rest of the household items internationally, then you must know how to prepare it and pack it properly. Besides packing, make sure customs clearance can go smoothly too. With the right help and tips, anything is easy.

Prepare packing material

You must protect all your furniture because moving will take a couple of days and it will go through many hands and a different climate. The first step is to collect packing supplies and equipment such as:

  • Moving boxes
  • Protective materials (air bubble foil, crumpled paper, foam, etc.)
  • Plastic bags
  • A strong tape
  • Pallets
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving dolly

Start to pack early

Decide what to pack and move, to make it easier for you, create an international moving checklist. Packing will take you a lot of time, so don’t wait until the last moment to start packing furniture for the international relocation – start ASAP. Don’t rush things, that way your furniture can get damaged.

Moving containers.
Usually, furniture is moving in large moving containers, and it takes several days to arrive at the final destination

Standard shipping

If your furniture will be transported by standard shipping, these are some tips to follow:

  • Take your furniture apart if it is possible. Any piece of furniture that you can separate, separate them. It is easier to relocate this way, and you will avoid damages.
  • Protect sharp corners with air bubble foil or with cardboard protectors. Especially protect paintings and fragile items.
  • Before you put any items in the box, first cover the bottom with soft material. Wrap items (individually) and then put them in a moving box.
  • Small items such as screws, should be packed in a plastic bag together and tape it to the furniture, so you will know that it is part of that piece of furniture.
  • Use a strong tape and apply several layers when wrapping the box or furniture. It will be carrying a lot during the transportation process, keep that in mind.

Transport on a pallet

For larger pieces of furniture, transportation on a pallet is one of the options. Here are some tips that will help you pack your big and heavy furniture.

  • Put cardboard on a wooden pallet and then place your piece of furniture on a pallet. That will protect it from scratching.
  • Remove moving parts from furniture such as pillows (it can be packed in a moving box, separately).
  • Wrap furniture with several layers of foam wrap or air bubble foil and adhesive tape to keep it all together. Wood boards are safer solutions and it gives more protection to the furniture.
  • After placing the furniture on a pallet and wrapping it, strap it.

Hiring a professional moving company for your international move

One of the easier solutions for you is to hire professional packers. They will pack all your furniture fast and efficient. Hiring professional packers is not necessary, but very helpful. But, hiring a moving company for your international relocation is necessary. Start early with looking for a mover, because if you are moving during the season, companies are booked and very busy. First, search online, one of the websites to check is

Moving your household items overseas is a job for an experienced company, who can not only transport it but also, help you with customs clearance and other documents. Moving internationally is not the same as domestic moving. It requires more preparations, good organization, professionals on your side, more time, and more money.

Labeled moving boxes.
Label all the boxes, so unpacking will be much easier after the moving


When packing furniture for the international relocation, you must ask for help. First, search for tips and tricks, then start with the packing process. Keep in mind that your furniture will be traveling for a long time so don’t save packing materials. Make sure you protected everything, especially sensitive and fragile items. Good luck with starting your new life abroad and packing your entire life.

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