Tips for organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey

When you decide to relocate to NJ from NY, you should do your best to prepare for a move. And if you don’t want to use the services of a moving company, you must get ready to take care of this project on your own! That’s why to make it easier, you will need some tips for organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey! Anyway, to learn how to do it properly, make sure to keep reading this article!

If you know why are New Yorkers deciding to move to New Jersey, you should already have a strong motive to plan this process. Considering everything a relocation to NJ from NY requires, you must be ready for many things! That is the only way you will be able to get through this move accurately and correctly. And even if you are not working with movers, you can still be able to relocate to another location without their help. 

A woman is organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey.
When planning a move, the first thing you have to do is homework!

Why do you need some tips for organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey?

No matter what you are doing, tips are something you should consider having by your side. You can use them to organize the move, pack items, prep yourself emotionally for transition, and many other things. So, when the right time comes for you to perform one, you must collect everything you need to make the transfer of your belongings as easier as possible!

Anyway, to learn more information that can help you prepare for the big move, you should check out a website named Thanks to this spot, you will gather everything you need to know and do for this transition. This place will provide you with a wide range of things that can make your relocation simple and stress-free. And since you don’t want to use the help of professional movers, you will have another reason to visit this site when planning to relocate to NJ from NY on your own!

Start with creating the inventory list

As soon as you have plans to relocate, you should start gathering packing materials and creating an inventory list! Go from room to room so you can determine what items are moving with you, what will stay, what you will get rid of, etc. 

Once you declutter, it is time to handle the packing process. But if you want to prepare with experts’ help, you will need the right specialists by your side. You see, you don’t have to use the whole moving services for this one! Just remember that some relocating companies offer packing assistance if you want to make sure your items are properly ready for transport. This is also a DIY move, and you will only use the assistance of professional packers!

Moving box.
You will need lots of packing tips when organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey!

Things to do when the moving day comes

  • Get helpers! Ask your friends and family members to assist you with packing, loading, unpacking, etc.
  • Rent the truck on time so you can transfer your properties from NY to NJ safely.
  • Once you learn how to pack to save space when moving, you should also get some tips on how to load them into the moving truck!
  • Make sure to pack an essential bag! Keep it by your side during the whole relocating process.
  • If you need it, rent a moving container. This option is highly recommendable whether you are performing the move with professionals or by yourself.

Explore your options when organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey

  • You don’t have to handle the entire moving process on your own. Instead, ask your friends and family member to help you out. You can have them at your disposal when packing, loading, transporting, etc.
  • If you are not sure how to declutter, there is also a perfect solution for that problem. You can use storage services to keep your furniture safe. There is a unit for items you won’t need that might be perfect for your requests. And when it comes to NY, you can find these storage services that will protect your furniture and other items safely whenever you want to.
  • Find a perfect time to perform the move! This is also important to pick, considering you are planning to cross a long distance. And even though NY and NJ are not that much apart from each other, you still need to learn when is the best time to perform relocation. It will help you reduce the costs of the move, and take care of many other things as well.
Don’t forget to get the right gear so you can prepare properly for a DIY move!

Some other tips that can be handy when moving to NJ from NY on your own

  • Learn what to eat on moving day for breakfast.
  • Pick the best route for driving your items from NY to a new home in NJ.
  • Prepare yourself for packing and unpacking. Get plenty of tips and tricks that will make these processes easier.
  • Find a place where you can collect packing materials and other moving supplies for the big move.
  • And, get some people to help you with loading and unloading.

In the end, a DIY move is perhaps the cheapest way to relocate to another location. And since you are planning to leave NY for NJ, you might not need the services of a moving company at all. All you have to do is simply rent a truck and do the move yourself. Just prepare for driving belongings to another state, and you won’t have anything to worry about. Make sure to rent a moving truck from a reputable truck rental company, so your items can be safely transported to another location. And also, when organizing a DIY move from New York to New Jersey, you will be able to save thousands of dollars

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