Tips for New Jerseyans who are planning to move to California

So, you’re leaving Jersey for some warmer parts of the US? Let’s take a guess. You’re moving to California, right? The same old East Coast-West Coast transition. Jersey winters have got you down, we get it. You want to enjoy beautiful Cali sunsets, palm trees, and some idyllic beach moments. Although it sounds like some sort of a tourist agency proposal, California really has everything you need. If you’re the type that enjoys a warmer climate, that is. We’re here to help you solidify your decision on moving to Cali. In the article below we’ll share with you some tips and tricks for New Jerseyans who are planning to move to California.

A couple of things you need to know before the move

Here are some facts about both states that can be helpful to you when making a decision on the move. Let’s start with something you probably already know. The weather in California is incredible. Moving from New Jersey you can forget about the famous song that goes everywhere ya go,  always take the weather with you. You’ll leave the weather back in New Jersey. On the other hand, both states share the same negative trait – low air quality. Jersey produces much industrial pollution. California’s air is polluted thanks to large urban areas. If you’re moving there we’d recommend choosing a smaller town, or suburbia, to settle.

Intercity moving in California is easy, expect quality movers

Once you settle in Cali you should expect quality moving providers at every street corner. Starting fresh in a state so far away from the place you used to live in can be a tough one. You’ll probably get used to moving from one place to another until you find the home of your dreams. Although it seems tough, like we previously said, you don’t need to worry a bit. You can always rely on experts in the area, giving you a helping hand whenever and wherever you need one. Cali is well-known in the US for its amazing moving providers. Expect the best service available.

Laguna Beach, CA. If you're planning to move to California, this might be the place of your dreams.
Once you settle in Cali, you’ll get used to seeing sights like this one, for example.

Finding the right spot for your new home

California is a big state. Wow, as if you already did know that. Anyway, wherever in Cali you move to expect beautiful outdoor scenery. As we’ve mentioned earlier, finding the house of your dreams may take some time. You shouldn’t rush yourself. Rely on experts giving providing you with everything you need during the moves. Contact Mod Movers and check out what they have to offer. You should definitely count on professionals with experience.

Boxes being loaded into the back of the truck
Cross-country moving is almost always a tough one.

How much will it cost you to move?

Cross-country relocation can be quite expensive. Organize the move so it costs you less. The cost of the move depends on a few factors: the exact distance of the move, the number of your belongings being moved, valuable items handled with care, packing and unpacking… You’ll need to figure all that out before getting an affordable price estimate from your local crews.

We’ve arrived at the end of this article. Hopefully, if you’re planning to move to California, this has helped you in some way. Best of luck.


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