Tips for moving from Virginia to New Jersey on short notice

Moving from Virginia to New Jersey can be difficult on its own. If you add the time issue, all hell breaks loose. But short notice relocations don’t have to be as stressful as you might see them at this moment. There are ways to do this (properly) even if you are in a hurry, but you will be needing a lot of help. We are here to offer some help and to share some tips and tricks we learned over the years in this business. The most important thing you need to know now is that you don’t have the time to panic right now and that panic leads nowhere. So if you are feeling anxious try to relax and keep reading.

The first thing you should do

If this is your first move you will need some extra help. While you are reading this take out your phone. Go to your app store (or play store) and download some moving and packing apps. They have the best tips and they can be very useful right now. As we said earlier, get all the help you possibly help. Most of those apps are free to use so this can only help you. In some of those apps, you can even type “moving from Virginia to New Jersey” and they will show you all the movers who can help you. Speaking of movers…

An alarm clock in the foreground and a person sleeping in the background.
Pro-tip – you still need to rest at night, if you are too tired you won’t be able to work efficiently on this task you have ahead of you.

Hiring professional movers

Moving from Virginia to New Jersey is something you can do on your own, but not if you are in a hurry. You will be needing the help only skilled people with the right equipment can offer you. Zippy Shell DMV can make this relocation you have ahead of you much easier and even stress-free. They can work on short notice but call them as soon as you find out about relocation so they can have the heads up. Luckily they are equipped to handle this sort of thing. The way movers make relocation easy and stress-free is by offering you some additional services.

Packing in a hurry

Packing for relocation can be a pretty dull chore but it needs to be done carefully. Otherwise, your household items might get damaged on the road to your new home in New Jersey. That is obviously bad and no one wants that. Packing in a hurry is a pretty bad idea unless this is what you do. Luckily professional movers can do this boring chore for you as well. Experts can simplify the task and make everything go smoothly. This is what they do pretty much every day. Of course, you will need to do something like make plans, do some preparations and sort your household items but they can handle the rest.

A couple packing before moving from Virginia to New Jersey.
Movers will be able to pack you quickly.

Packing preparations

Packing will be much easier if you do some decluttering first you will read that in all the packing tips you can find. Obviously, you don’t have the time to be detailed and to sort everything, see what you can donate and what you can sell. But you do have a few hours to see what is junk and to get rid of it. Even this quick decluttering will make packing and sorting household items much easier. If you can call your friends and family members to help you out and speed up the process of decluttering. You will figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff you no longer need, but for now, get rid of the junk.

Preparing for New Jersey in a hurry

It’s necessary to prepare yourself for your new home. Maybe you don’t have the time to research the history of New Jersey but you have your phone. Whenever you have some spare time use it to research New Jersey and specifically your new neighborhood. Being prepared will make adaptation much easier. Your phone can be such a great tool if used right, just think about it. You can find out pretty much everything you can think of right now. You can even find out how to save some money on relocation.

Things you can’t forget

It’s easy to forget things when moving in a hurry. Did you know that people usually leave behind the most important things and items like keys, meds, and documents? That’s because we try to remember every little thing and we forget the most important ones. Another thing – don’t forget to check your walls. We get so used to the pictures and mirrors that we don’t even see them anymore. Don’t forget your art and mirrors.

A driving license
Make a checklist for the most important things you simply cant afford to forget.

Settling in

When you manage to do all of this and you finally relocate you will still have one thing to do. And it’s a big one – to unpack and settle in. Luckily you don’t have to do it in such a hurry. Even though you are not in a rush to do this part of your relocation as soon as possible you shouldn’t put it in a way. Give yourself a day or two to catch your breath and then start unpacking. You cant start your new life with all those ugly moving boxes laying around everywhere. Your new place won’t feel like home and you won’t be able to bring the new friends you meet. That’s why this is important as well. You can always call local movers to help you with unpacking if you are feeling tired after everything you have been through. Don’t worry, you got this. We hope that moving from Virginia to New Jersey will be much easier for you to plan after reading this – good luck!

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