Things you should ask your landlord before renting an apartment

Searching for an apartment to live in can be very exciting. Almost everything is up to you. If you want to find a place with a great view, you can. If you want to get a cheap place, but in a great location in the city, you can. But not every landlord will be sincere with you while they are trying to rent you an apartment. There is a chance that they’ll hade some problems from you, and that they won’t tell you right away just how much will it cost you to live there. This is why there are some things you should ask your landlord before renting an apartment. When searching for an apartment, you have to be assertive and look for every kind of potential problem. That way you’ll protect yourself from signing a contract that you have not expected. So, let us begin.

Can I look at your apartment?

The main thing you need to do when renting an apartment is to see if your potential landlord will allow you to check his apartment out. If the landlord won’t allow you to check his apartment out, then you should take a hint and stay away from this apartment. In no case will a good landlord forbid anyone to check the apartment out unless there is something to hide. That way you cannot even pack properly! So, if you are not allowed to see the apartment, don’t take it, even if the apartment may seem like a perfect one for you.

Things you should ask your landlord before renting an apartment.
There are many questions you should ask your landlord before renting an apartment.


Can I check for problems?

Nice looking apartment.
Although the apartment may look like heaven on the pictures, if you can’t check it for yourself, stay away from it!

When you find an apartment that you can check, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any potential problems. If your landlord says that there are some problems, ask if you can test those problems by yourself. You need to check everything. From the washing machine to windows, everything needs to function properly. If something doesn’t work properly, you can try and lower the price of the rent. If you found out that your landlord has hidden some problem from you, that is a sign that you maybe shouldn’t take this apartment.

Can I bring my friends from time to time?

Many landlords are control freaks, and they will not look kindly on you having to bring your friends. If your landlord has a comprehensive list of rules you have to follow, don’t take this apartment. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should be disrespectful and make parties without notifying the landlord and neighbors, this question is simply a way for you to test if your landlord is a control freak. You might not be able to meet new friends if the situation is like that.

How often are you going to visit me?

One more sign that your landlord is a control freak is if he likes to visit an apartment as often as possible. It would be best if you can get an apartment that is far from your landlord’s home.

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