Things to remember about moving during Fall

Most people are moving during summer because kids are not in school, the weather is nice, people are not working then, etc. But, it has cons too, for example, moving during the summer months is more expensive. If you are able to choose your moving date, you should choose Fall when moving in New Jersey. What to know when moving during Fall and how to prepare? There are pros and cons, of course, but anyway you need to know al the info.

Moving during Fall – facts to know

To organize the move like a pro, you need to research when is the best time to move and how to move. If you have chosen Fall for the relocation or you must move there, here are some facts to know which will prepare you.

Walking in the park after moving during Fall.
The moving off-season has advantages too, so consider moving in that period.

Moving off-season is affordable

In the northern part of the USA, moving during the Fall months (October and November)  is generally more affordable than moving during July or August. Calculate moving costs in advance, and if you want to save money, moving now is can help you cut moving expenses.

It is easier to find movers

Because most people won’t move in this period, moving companies are not that busy. You can choose between different companies and different offers.

  • Research movers online and hire only those suggested by Verified Movers – they have license and insurance.
  • Ask for recommendations from people that moved recently.
  • Read online moving reviews and find more info about the company.
  • Negotiate when moving during Fall because you may get some discounts.

It gets dark earlier

If moving to NJ, NY, WA, or any other state that is located in the northern USA, keep in mind that it gets darker earlier. In November, it is dark after 5 PM, so if you plan to move, get up early and get the maximum of that day.

Rainy day in the city.
Fall is the rainy season, that is why many people don’t want to move then

Pay attention to leaves on streets

There are many rainy days during Fall and leaves on the ground can be slippery. Clean your yard so you can load/unload items to/from a moving vehicle safely. You, your kids, or movers can fall. Do your best to avoid moving injuries.

Prepare for colder weather

If you are moving from state to state, pack an essential moving box with jackets. It may get cold, especially when the sun goes down. Movers can help you but you can help them too. Prepare hot tea and clean the walkways in front of your house.

Activate the heat at your new home

When moving during Fall it is important to have a warm house after a long day, especially if you have kids. So, a few days before moving, contact utility companies and set up your heating. You will need water and electricity, or it will be very cold at the night.

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