Things to know before deciding to leave NJ for Florida

Do you think you are ready to change your four-seasons New Jersey life for long summers in Florida? Both places are amazing in their own way. But also, their advantages may differ. Before deciding to leave NJ for Florida, make sure that is the right choice for you. If you have all these things sorted out, and you did your research, the only thing left to do is to start planning the relocation. Make a list of things, of benefits and downsides of both locations, The Garden State and The Alligator Land.

Exploring your possibilities in advance is always a good idea

The relocation process can be overwhelming. All the packing, worry about your things and possessions can be frustrating. And of course, you can do it by yourself if you have the time and patience. But have in mind that hiring reliable professionals to do the transfer for you can save you a lot of time. One of the best help you can get is from local companies like Miami Movers for Less, especially if you are relocating to Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach Counties, Broward, and all of South Florida.

There are few things you should consider before you decide to leave NJ for Florida:

  • Job opportunities
  • The difference between climate
  • Housing choice
  • Life standard

Job opportunities

Make sure to choose the right place to start or continue your business where the industry you are into is thriving. Florida can offer a lot if you know where to look. The Sunshine State is successful in several industries like aerospace and aviation, tourism, life sciences, manufacturing, and informational technology.

The difference between climate

If you are ready to change Northeastern winters for warm, hot summers in the Sunshine State, this move might be a good choice for you. The weather difference in NJ and Florida is obvious. Who wouldn’t want to switch hot humid summer in the city for drinking cocktails on a sunny beach all year long?

Sunny summer on a palm beach shore
Palm Beach is home to legendary resorts, and also the world-famous Worth Avenue

Housing choice

Many cities in Florida are affordable for homeowners. However, the price varies depending on location. In Miami, most people consider renting options, while the cities like Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando have more affordable housing opportunities.

Life standard

It’s probably a good idea to make inquires about the cost and living standard in Florida, before deciding to throw out your winter clothes. Despite the popularity of the destination, living in Florida is affordable. Of course, every city’s costs of living may vary.

So, make sure to compare NJ and your future living destination costs of housing, taxes, foods, bills, and utilities. When done properly, the planned move can save you a lot of time and stress.

Find a location based on your needs, but don’t forget to have fun also

If you decide to leave NJ for Florida, we’d recommend considering Broward County as a place to start your new life. Especially if you are a fan of warm weather, beaches, multicultural events, and festivals all-year-round. This county is the second-most populous place in Florida. Palm Beach County also has one of the best manufacturing industries in the world. And it’s very close to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Hollywood city.

Sunset in a marina with palms and boats
As a home to over a hundred marinas, Fort Lauderdale is a host to the largest International Boat Show in the world

It will give you great job opportunities, an above-average school system, and amazing quality of life. And if you choose this area to be your home, you can be sure to have amazing moving assistance from our local moving partners. Broward County turned out to be quite popular among NJ folks, especially as a retirement location.

Moving to another state, across the country, or even to a different neighborhood might be hard for some of us, especially if we have set our roots somewhere. However, such change is not always a bad thing. Maybe it’s time for you to finally take a slower pace and leave NJ for Florida. We promise you’ll enjoy it!

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