Things to know about moving from California to New Jersey with toddlers

When you have in plan to relocate long-distance, there will be many things and obligations that you need to do. Behind every successful relocation, there is a good plan and organization. So, organizing your first move should be perfect, in addition, for everything to be as it’s supposed to. Moving from California to New Jersey with toddlers is not going to be an easy move, but it is still manageable. If you do all the steps properly, every relocation is more or less the same. You will have to write your obligations down. This way, there won’t be that much unnecessary stress around you. And, when you have toddlers, you need to pay attention to them as well. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to make them listen and cooperate during moving weeks. Be prepared for a lot of work around them, on top of the relocation.

Know where to start when you are moving from California to New Jersey

A long relocation such as the one you are planning can be complicated sometimes. Especially with toddlers running around. Because of the circumstances that you are in, the best solution that you have are the movers. When you need to transfer your entire household, it is better to do it with professionals than on your own. And that is for sure, where you need to begin this entire process of relocation. There are many residential movers that you should ask for help.

This is important because while professionals deal with the relocation, you need to deal with your children. The first step when it comes to that, is to prepare your children. Preparing them for the relocation might be even more difficult than the relocation itself. It also depends a lot on their age. Toddlers are easier to agree with their parents’ decisions, while teenagers tend to listen less. Talk with your children and explain what will happen and why you are doing all that.

Couple giving high five to each other after packing.
In addition, for moving from California to New Jersey to be successful, you need a good organization.

Make a plan for packing things

As you already know by now, without a plan, your relocation won’t be successful. So, making a plan from the very first moment is important. Especially when it comes to packing things that are from your kids. Remembering all things and small details can bring you a lot of stress. That is the reason why you should write down everything on paper. There are plenty of useful steps for a successful relocation. But you need to find ones that are suitable for you.

Many people that are relocating for the first time make a same mistake. They are in the rush to pack everything, so they don’t forget things behind. But, if you pack your kids’ things first, that would be a mistake. Especially if they are still babies or toddlers. You will need things for them all the time. And if you pack that first, you will struggle with packing and unpacking all the time.

Include the little ones in the process

As you are already aware of the entire situation, you know that there will be plenty of obligations to do. And in some moments, you will feel too tired and overwhelmed because of everything. That is why you need to include your kids in the moving process. Of course, their help depends on their age. If they are just babies, they won’t be able to do anything. But, once they are toddlers, they can help. Giving them simple tasks will be enough to make them calm, and to help a little bit. Teenagers can be tricky, and stubborn. With them, you need to discuss this more seriously.

Still, don’t forget that movers in this case are a must. First of all, you will have to check out all the moving companies’ websites such as, and read all the reviews. Yes, you read that properly. Reading reviews and experiences from other clients can tell you all you need to know about a company. Also, you will have to make an appointment with them to figure out how would they charge you. If they are scammers, they will try to pato ask you to pay all in advance, and not once the relocation is over, like a real moving company. Be aware of that. The more help you have, the better.

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Before you’ve moved officially and settled into your new home, make sure to read the moving reviews as they should help you find appropriate professionals. Movers can handle the hard relocation tasks, leaving you with plenty of time for your kids.

Since you are relocating with your toddlers, you will have to bring two essential boxes

Essential box is a very important tool during a relocation. Sometimes, when a relocation is long-distance, and you have too many things to transport, those things can arrive a little bit later than you do. And just in case, you need to be prepared for it. That is why people prepare essential boxes both for parents and kids, when moving from California to New Jersey with toddlers. You should do the same.

Before moving from California to New Jersey with toddlers plan a special day for your children

Since your kids may have trouble accepting the fact that they will have to leave the place they currently live, there is one small help. Kids love to play, and they love fun and adventurous days. So, you should plan a day in Jersey City with the kids. You can make a small road trip around New Jersey, and you can go to some amusement parks and similar. They will start liking their new surroundings, and it will be easier to communicate with them. Which is exactly what you need right now. There will be other things to think of.

A mover with boxes for a relocation.
Don’t hesitate in asking professionals for help. You need it!

Unpack the nursery first

Moving from California to New Jersey with toddlers will require plenty of unpacking. But, since this entire relocation will make you exhausted, you don’t have to hurry with that. Except with the nursery. It is the first room that you need to unpack. Your child needs to have access to everything at all moments. Make sure that you label all the boxes with their things before the move, so you can unpack everything faster.

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