Things to explore after moving to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey can be an exciting new experience. Jersey or the Garden State is usually overlooked due to its proximity to NYC and Philadelphia but it has so much to offer. Being close to NYC it is perfect for those willing to commute to the big city while exploiting the benefits of small-town living. It is also on the shore and has a diverse nature, beauties, and resources. So, if you decide to move to New Jersey you will have a lot to explore and learn about. Let’s see what are just some of the things to explore and enjoy after moving to New Jersey.

About Jersey

Although it is close to NYC, New Jersey offers a special flavor of living. The state is rich in natural beauties and stunning nature and views. Its also on the shore and has great weather. Diversity of its nature makes it perfect for exploring and enjoying while engaging in a multitude of different activities. It also has a rich history and heritage and is culturally diverse. The lifestyle is laid back and much slower than the pace of NYC. So what can you enjoy after moving to NJ?

A row of houses in Cape May, which is one of the places to explore after moving to New Jersey.
You will have a lot of joyous things to do and see after moving to New Jersey.

Nature and natural beauties to explore after moving to New Jersey

NJ prides itself on diverse nature and beauty. One of its principal attractions are the Great Falls located in Patterson on the Passaic River. The falls are a part of a newly established national park. The river also provides access to the Troy Meadows, which is a beautiful freshwater marsh. The marsh is a haven for both diverse fauna and flora as well as for the visitors looking to enjoy nature and its diversity. Allaire State Park is another nature preserve perfect for long tranquil walks in the untamed nature. The park is famous for its nature and 19th-century ironworks and is a popular picknick and hiking area.

A waterfall.
New Jersey has a rich nature, natural beauties, nature parks and preserves.

Delaware water gap is a national recreation area. The area is perfect for nature lovers and has a rich historic, geographic and recreational offer. The location is perfect for many outdoor activities, camping, swimming fishing, and kayaking. One of the most beautiful parks with an array of hiking and walking trails is the High Point Park that offers many outdoor activities.

Historic locations and museums to explore after moving to New Jersey

Cape May is a historic town established in the 18th century. It attracts a lot of tourists and NJ residents with its historic lighthouse and Victorian houses. The town is also an attractive resort with beautiful beaches and nature.

Battlefield Historic Park is the location of the largest battle in the Civil war. The location hosts battle reenactments and a great hiking location with historical importance

Montclair Art Museum has an impressive art collection from the Native American and the American period. It has a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, and photos from the era.

The Newark Museum hosts contemporary art exhibits from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

NJ has a rich history so try to research all of the historic and cultural locations explore and enjoy.


Atlantic City and its famous Boardwalk are also places to visit. The Boardwalk was built in the 19th century and is a tourist attraction on its own.

Six Flags is a popular tourist attraction The park offers a diverse entertainment through the season and it is home to a water park. Besides being a tourist attraction, the park is also popular with the residents.

Explore New Jersey

The list of both natural and man-made attractions is almost endless. The list must also encompass a pallet of locations to explore. Just to name a few:

  • Seaside heights
  • Warrington plaza clock tower
  • Historic National Park
  • Point pleasant beach
  • Clinton
  • Barnegat Lighthouse
  • Ocean Grove
  • Ellis island
  • Princeton and
  • Liberty science center
Atlantic City boardwalk.
Jersey has something for everyone you just have to explore and find what is right for you.

Jersey is a popular state to settle in. With its great location and proximity of both NY and the coast, it is an interesting location to visit and settle in. With its natural beauty and history, it offers a pallet of activity to enjoy. Anyone moving to Jersey can research and exploit all of the options to have fun and enjoy in Jersey. Anyone’s list might be different, so do your research and start exploring Jersey.

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