The ultimate moving day checklist and guide

Finally, the moving day is here! You have probably worked hard for the last couple of months for this particular day. And now is the time to greet your movers, load the truck and move into your new home. Awesome! But, we all know how stressful the moving day can be. There is a big chance that you will make mistakes and that you will forget something. We will help you prepare and organize the move. Thus, if you are interested, here is our ultimate moving day checklist.

Pack All The Last-Minute Items

On a moving day, the first thing you must do is make sure you wake up really early. And, yes, you have probably already packed everything, but there will still be some household items left. For instance, the sheets from your bedroom, toys in the kid’s room, and all the little things in the kitchen and bathroom. So, finish this task from our moving day checklist first, whether it is an international moving day checklist or a domestic one!

A teddy bear in the box.
Moving day checklist must always start with packing all the knick-knacks left behind.

Welcome and Guide Your Movers

Once your movers arrive, welcome them and show them what must be done. For instance, some pieces of furniture must be loaded into the moving truck, and some should be left behind. If some boxes contain fragile items tell that to your movers! And, if you plan on storing your items safely in some storage unit elsewhere, make sure to notify them about that too, and do it on time! Guiding your movers should be one of the key things on your moving day checklist.

Prepare Yourself, Your Kids, and Your Pets

And, while movers are taking care of loading the truck, you can turn to your children and pets. Make sure you prepare the meal for the road, as well as the essentials bag. In that bag, put all the things that you think will be necessary for the moving day until you are able to unpack again. In that bag, put all the food and drinks, electronics, medications, extra clothes, and toys for your children or pets. 

A bag next to a chair.
Preparing an essentials bag is of key importance when moving.

Go to Your New Place And Unpack The Essentials

One of the last things you must do from our moving day checklist is to unpack. Of course, you should do this after you have arrived at your new address. But, do not rush. Everybody is probably tired of the road and all the packing. So, unpack only the essentials – only the things you absolutely need for that first day or night ( things for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen).  Leave the rest for the morning. Good luck, and have a safe trip to your new home! Hopefully, this moving day checklist helped you prepare.

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