Student’s guide to smart packing

Even though student moving doesn’t generally qualify as moving house and you may not need professional movers help, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. But, moving to college is as stressful as any other relocation. So, you still need to keep things organized. That’s why you need this student’s guide to smart packing.  

Begin early

Once you receive the answer from the university, you should begin searching for a place to live in. And when you find it, begin packing small things. It would be ideal to start packing two months before your expected move-out date. Also, make sure you consider these tips for moving to a new city alone. It can help you.

The first step in your student’s guide to smart packing must be the plan!

Student’s guide to smart packing – Organize your packing

When you’re moving to a college, you don’t need to bring too many things with you. Keep in mind that you’ll probably spend at least a couple of months away from home. Therefore, pack what you need with you. You can make a list of what to bring but focus on the basics.

Stay organized

The next tip in this guide is to stay organized.  Packing for college moving is a daunting task to heap onto the pile of concerns. But, quick and easy packing tips to get you packed and moved fast can help you. Make sure you don’t randomly pack whatever and however you want to. Ensure your packing procedure is organized and you’ll also unpack faster. A great way to stay organized when packing is minimizing the number of belongings you’ll move and knowing how to maximize the space in your dorm. Then, you will later on see, the first day of uni will be hectic. So, the last thing you need is a mountain of boxes and belongings in the center of your dorm room.

Don’t pack and move more than you need

When packing for a college moving, you don’t need to carry your whole wardrobe. Also, you don’t need a lot of other things you can easily buy on campus. Instead, follow this student’s guide to smart packing and don’t allow yourself to carry much more than you might need it.

If you plan to come home before the cold weather comes, leave all the bulky winter items. You can grab them later when the time comes. Then, when the summer comes, swap them out with shorts and sundresses. 

Tools - are also important and they need to be on the student's guide to smart packing.
Work with the right equipment when packing!

Student’s guide to smart packing – Avoid using moving boxes if it’s possible

When performing a college moving, you’ll probably not have access to a big truck or moving company. Most likely, you’ll try to put everything into a car. In these cases, make sure you pack a majority of your belongings in bags, not boxes. Moving boxes are one of the packing materials you can do without when moving to a college. But, if half of your items are in moving boxes, stack them on top of every car seat. Then, use bags to fill all those empty spaces in your car. Moving boxes have a finite shape and size that either can or can’t fit in your car. But, bags can be squished into smaller places. 

In conclusion

Moving to a college is an exciting thing for every person. So, prepare yourself well for this life chapter and use the student’s guide to smart packing to ease the packing process. Good luck.

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