Student’s guide to DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio


You have completed high school in Jersey and are ready to go to college in Ohio. But before you get to Ohio, you got to execute a successful relocation, and since you are a student, you are doing it alone. We at  Movers NJ can assist you with your DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio. Follow our guide, and you will get to Ohio fast and problem-free. Let’s begin! 

Ask for help to make your DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio easier 

Try and find help before you begin the process of moving to Ohio. Here is who you should ask. 

  • The first people you should ask for help are your family members. More precisely, your mom and dad, and siblings, if you have any. 
  • The second people you should ask to help you with your DIY move from New Jersey to Ohio are your friends. They will be happy to help you since they are going through the same problems as you are. 

Finally, if there is no help from your family or friends, let reliable movers in the likes of Zippy Shell Columbus handle your relocation to Ohio. They have experience and can deal with a student’s move without any problems. 

people packing and having fun
With the help of your friends and family, your DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio will be fun without anxiety.

Take inventory in your room in New Jersey 

Since you are dealing with a student’s move from the Garden State to Ohio, there will not be a lot of stuff to write down. But that does not mean you should not make a list of items. 

By making an inventory of your room, you can organize your relocation to Ohio faster. Second, it will prevent you from losing any of your precious belongings while relocating to Ohio, Columbus. 

Finally, while settling in Ohio, you might want to find a place to leave your belongings in student storage in Ohio. They can provide you with a secure unit that is affordable for students. And if you have a list of your items, you will not misplace any of them in the storage unit. 

a person writing
As a student, you do not have a lot of things, so make sure you do not lose them by writing a list for your move to Ohio.

Get packing materials for your DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio

Since you do not have a lot of o items, you do not need a lot of packing materials. We recommend you get the best packing materials and do not cheap out to avoid them breaking while transported to Ohio. The internet is the most convenient place to get moving supplies and relocate to Ohio from NJ. But you should order in time, so all of it arrives in time for packing. 

The packing for your relocation to Ohio 

Since you are only packing a room in your New Jersey home, you can do it in one day with the help of your friends and family members. If you have any problems with your packing contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help you. 

You are ready to go to Ohio 

When the packing is complete, the worst part of your DIY relocation from New Jersey to Ohio is finished. Load everything in the truck and when you arrive in Ohio, get to know your new neighborhood. Good luck!

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