Spring Cleaning Moving Tips for a Fresh Start

Often times, when we think of moving, we literally just focus on the actual moving element. Meanwhile, a big factor in relocation is cleaning. When relocating to a new home, it is essential to prepare the place and have it be move-in ready. Completing the cleaning process early on will make moving that much easier and faster as well. Overall, continue reading to learn about some efficient spring cleaning moving tips for your fresh start!


Moving in the springtime does tend to be a little bit easier as the weather makes the relocation a little simpler. With mild temperatures and a bit of sunshine, you will more likely be eager to get the cleaning done. One tip that we’d like to share is to declutter your old home before you start packing for your new home. Decluttering will help rid you of excess things and items you might not need. Moreover, it will make the packing and transfer of your items much faster. When moving with less stuff you will find it easier to store everything while you clean and then unpack once you are done.

A park and daisies in the grass.
One of the biggest advantages of moving in the spring is the spring weather itself.

Another suggestion to make your overall move-in easy is to pack smart. Although packing doesn’t have much to do with spring cleaning moving tips, it will help make your new space easier to maneuver in and around. Once you label all your boxes and everything, you will know exactly where what is. For example, once you get to the new home, you might need your cleaning supplies right away. Ensuring that they are within reach and labeled properly is one of our spring cleaning moving tips to make your relocation quicker!

Spring Cleaning Moving Tips

Next on the list of our spring cleaning moving tips is to go room by room! Focusing on one room at a time will enable you to finish everything in an organized and timely manner. Maintaining an organization within the process of moving is essential.

For example, the first spaces on the list should be the kitchen and the bathroom, as those are most likely to be needed throughout the day. Start from top to bottom. Scrub and wipe all the cabinets, as you move down to the counter, sink and then last but not least the floor tiles.

An illustration of some cleaning equipment.
To make the cleaning process easier, make sure you have all the supplies you need before you start.

Furthermore, another one of our spring cleaning moving tips is to use the weather to your advantage. With the mild temperatures in the spring, it will be a lot easier to clean all the windows throughout the house. The day is also a little longer than in winter, therefore you could probably get more done on the list than you thought.

Spring Move

All in all, when it comes to spring cleaning moving tips, the best and last tip to share is to be organized and have a plan. First, go to the nearby store and buy everything that you need for your spring cleaning. Next, go room by room and stay organized. In addition, decluttering will also make all of that easier. Therefore, focus, take your time, and be thorough.

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