Smart packing tips for moving long distance

When you move long-distance, all sorts of packing tips are welcome. The fact alone that you are moving long-distance is overwhelming enough. Imagine everything else you have to think about. The paperwork, organization of the entire move, decluttering, and packing. But don’t worry! Even though it seems overwhelming and intimidating it’s not. Just make sure to follow this guide for stress-free relocation!

Packing tips to get you started

Okay first things first, you have to clean and organize your things in order to pack properly. Here are some of the packing tips that will make your move and life easier!

Some clothing items packed in accordance with some packing tips
Make sure to use our packing tips to make your relocation stress-free!

Packing tips: #1 Declutter

It is usually when we prepare for the move that we realize we have too many things. You probably have old clothes piled in the closet. Then some of the random items you generally do not use anymore. And, of course, things that are just sitting around. Either way, relocation is perfect timing to clean everything or as we call it, declutter. By doing this, you’ll clean your place and get rid of the things you no longer use or need. This will make your packing so much easier. You will also save a lot of packing place by decluttering.

Packing tips: #2 Boxes/Plastic bins

In order to pack, make sure to get a lot of boxes. These boxes are the ones protecting your items which is why their quality and durability are important. Plastic bins are also a good choice. Besides being secure and waterproof, they are also great for home storage after the move. Anything you put in the plastic bin will be well protected. A lot of them have handles which makes it easier to move them, and you can also stack them easily. Whether you chose boxes or plastic bins, one thing you have to do is to label them! This will make packing and unpacking so much easier, and the entire process will be more organized.

cat in the box
One of the best packing tips is to get good quality boxes because their durability has to protect your belongings.

Packing tips: #3 Packing Fragile Things

Now this might be intimidating but we promise it’s not. The only thing you have to do is make sure you pack them properly. We suggest you to gather all of the breakable/fragile items and make a list so you can calculate exactly how much packing materials you need to provide. Make sure to get box dividersbubble pack, packing paper and packing tape. You can use bubble wrap and packing paper to wrap your items, and box dividers do make sure they don’t clash while being transported. Packing tape will make sure your boxes are secured so nothing falls out.

You are packed – now what?

Congratulations! You can cross packing off your list! So, what’s next? After making sure you’ve packed everything and that all of your items are secure and box are labeled, it’s time for next step. Read on to find out what’s expecting you down the road.


Organising a transfer is not easy at all. Besides cleaning, packing and organising everything else you also have to prepare and think about the transfer of your items from New Jersey. And since it’s a long distance relocation, it requires so much more attention and planning. Our sincere advice is to hire the professionals and cross this task of your list of things to worry about. If you decide to do so then let professionals take care of transport while you relax and focus on other things you have to finish before the move.

Hiring professional moving company

Moving is tiring and overwhelming, especially long distanceThere are too many things you have to thing about and do. Since things tend to be chaotic we would suggest hiring a moving company such as Ample Moving NJ. Professional movers offer high-quality moving services and are constantly putting an effort into keeping up with modern trends. Their equipment, the supplies they use, and the know-how are being improved on a daily basis.

Change the address

Before you move, don’t forget to notify everyone who needs to know your new address. Besides your parents and friend obviously, make sure to notify your bank, school and other facilities that need this information. Also, if you have any subscriptions, make sure to cancel them or simply change the address.

Moving day

Now that you are done with decluttering and packing, next thing on the list is the actual moving. Make sure to plan this day months ahead. This will allow you more room to control and react if something unexpectedly happens. You can make a list of things to do so you can have easier access to all of the things you need to prepare and finish before the moving day arrives. Make sure to get good sleep the night before the move. Also, make sure to gather energy and have a good meal before moving.

healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so make sure to have a good one on the moving day!

Stay healthy

Staying healthy is important not only during the move. In order to make your move easier and less stressful, make sure to take care of your self and your health. Try eating healthy, take your vitamins and have some rest. With this pandemic still going on make sure to follow the protocols by wearing masks and wash your hands.

You are all set

You are all set and finally leaving NJ! Make sure to be ready as much as you can so you can avoid any kind of stress. Either way, congratulations! You just made one of the biggest changes in your life and that’s something to look forward to. Stay safe and enjoy your new place you get to call home!

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