Should you move to New Jersey and leave New York for good in 2020?

Living in New York is great but this year has been a wild one. So many things have happened and it changed our lives. The pandemic had the most influence but so did plenty of other things. And people who live in big cities were the most vulnerable. People who live in New York especially. This is where the virus spreads fast. And it did. This is why so many people decided to leave New York for good and move to a different state. But as completely moving away from New York can be a tough thing to do, moving close is always an option. That is why you are thinking about moving to the state of New Jersey. It’s close to New York but much safer. But should you move to New Jersey and does that mean leaving New York for good this year? Let’s discuss this.

Should you move to New Jersey this year?

Is New Jersey the place to move to? Sure, it is close to New York but much safer but is this where you should move to this year? Well, it depends. If you are working in New York City or you plan on moving back there after the whole pandemic is over, then New Jersey is a great place to move to. It is relatively close so you’ll still be able to work in NYC and live in NJ. You’ll also be able to see your friends or family. Living in New Jersey is great no matter which town you live in. And the lifestyle is going to be much different from your lifestyle back in New York as New Jersey is much more relaxed. You could say that starting over in New Jersey is a good idea, especially this year.

Map of New York.
Living near New York has plenty of advantages and it’s much better than living in New York.

Where to move to?

You might not have plenty of ideas on where to move to New Jersey from New York. And there are plenty of places for you to choose from. And we guarantee that it is going to be tough to make a choice. But with a couple of our suggestions, it might be easier for you to choose. North Arlington is one of the cities worth moving to. It has a small-town feel but it also promises all the perks you would expect while living in the city. Ridgewood is a lovely suburb where you can relocate with Zenith Moving NYC. Here’s where you will find Victorian homes and turn-of-the-century farmhouses. Maybe you like living in NJ so much you decide to find a job in NJ.

You’ll love the NJ suburbs.

Is moving back to NY this year a good idea?

As nobody knows when the situation with coronavirus is going to calm down, maybe moving back to New York isn’t such a good idea. Try living in the suburbs for a while, see how you like it. Even though Millennials are leaving New Jersey, maybe living in a small town is much better for you.

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