Reasons why Florida families are moving to New Jersey

As a parent, your number one priority are your kids. You are always on the lookout for how can you improve their lives and make decisions that will give them a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, you are always striving to expose them to everything that will help them succeed in life. With all that being said, one of the main things that parents worry about is the environment in which their children are being raised. That is why many Florida families are moving to New Jersey.

Moving from Florida to the Garden State with your family

This might come as a surprise. After all, The Sunshine State seems like the perfect place for children’s upbringing and raising a family. However, New Jersey has plenty of great things to offer. But before you head on over to┬áto book your relocation, let’s see what motivates parents to ditch Florida and head north.

A little girl in a white and black outfit showing her excitement in regards to moving from Florida.
Florida families are moving to New Jersey rather often, especially if they have kids.

Great options for suburban living

The majority of parents prefer to live in a more calm setting with their families. That is why suburban living seems to be a more frequent choice than living in larger cities. The crime rates are lower, there is no overcrowding, everything is more spacious, the air is cleaner and there are plenty of other benefits. For this reason, New Jersey is attracting countless newcomers with families. There are many charming small towns in NJ that are considered to be gems of this state. They all have something special to offer to families and their kids and that is why they are the number one living option for many. Certainly, if you still opt for city living, that is an option as well. New Jersey has a little something for everybody.

Proximity to New York City

Providing for their families is just one more thing that parents think about. Surely they worry about everything and anything and finances are on the top of their priority list. Therefore, employment is very important when choosing to settle down in a new area. Moving from Florida to New Jersey will give you a chance to seek employment not only in companies based in NJ but also in New York City. Instead of being exposed to only local firms in Florida, you have doubled your chances to find great employment. Consequently, you are able to job hunt in two excellent and very large job markets. While you are at it there will be no need to move your family to NYC. Plenty of folks are employed in the Big Apple while living over the other side of the George Washington Bridge.

A man walking through Time Square in NYC on his way to work.
Working in NYC while living in NJ is an option that many residences in NJ have chosen.

The school system is very impressive

Florida has a decent school system. Still, New Jersey takes children’s education to another level. What is very important for parents that do not have hefty salaries is that public schools are outstanding. This would imply that your kids can get an impressive education without the massive tuition requested by private schools. However, if you prefer for your kiddos to attend private schools and you can afford it, there is that option as well. And once your kids get older, there are many great colleges and universities to choose from. Moving to NJ with kids will be an exceptional investment in their future.

Kids can enjoy all seasons

If you want your kids to enjoy all sorts of activities all year long, New Jersey is the place to be. Since it has all four seasons, you will not be missing out on anything. During the summer there are beautiful sandy beaches that you can enjoy. And if you are looking for snow, there is no need to change your address. All you need to do is wait for the seasons to switch. Winters in New Jersey tend to be gorgeous and very snowy. Moving from Florida to New Jersey will give you a chance to experience the Christmas holidays with snow. Nothing can beat those memories with your loved ones.

Snow flakes falling during the day.
Snow is one thing that you will be able to enjoy every year when living in New Jersey.

People are friendly ad welcoming

Everybody talks about Southern hospitality. However, people up north can be just as pleasant and friendly. In reality, they are what makes the great state of New Jersey special. Sure there are some great places to experience, foods to enjoy, historic monuments to visit, etc. But, the people are what makes this state special. Moving to New Jersey will give you a great feeling of belonging and acceptance.

Preparations when Florida families are moving to New Jersey

In reality, no move is simple. Yet, interstate moving is especially difficult. Once you top that off with a large family you are in for a bumpy ride. What seems to be the most difficult part for most are the preparations for your moving day. Packing and getting everything in order for your upcoming moving day can easily turn you into a stress case. You can easily reach your new home trouble-free. Let professionals do what they do best so you can take a breather and focus on your kids.

Should you move on your own to New Jersey?

Moving without professional help is always an option. Still, we do not recommend it. Especially when you must move your entire family and home to another state. Instead, team up with experienced people and make sure that your relocation and moving day are a major success. Not only will professional movers deal with your planned moving tasks, but they can also handle any unforeseen activities that occur during your moving process.

Is moving from Florida to NJ the best solution for your family?

In the end, it is very hard to say would moving from Florida be the best solution for you and your entire family. Since every family has its own needs, goals, and ambitions, it is impossible to put a definite answer to this question. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. Florida families are moving to New Jersey because it is a great state to consider as your future home.

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