Reasons why DC is so attractive to NJ young professionals

Washington DC has been appointed as one of the best locations for young professionals. It has everything they need – plentiful job opportunities, great public transportation, and exciting nightlife. DC is also consistently highly ranked as one of the best places to live for young professionals. Thus, we have prepared the compilation of all the reasons why DC is so attractive to NJ professionals.

Moving to Washington DC after studying the reasons why DC is so attractive

Relocation can be very stressful. Not just physically because you have to move a lot of things, but mentally too. You are moving your entire life in a way too. You are about to make a big transition, and you might be wondering where you should begin. First, take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! As a young professional, moving to DC can be one of the best moves for your career. Also, moving to a different city means that you’ll get a chance to meet new people and gain more friends!

Stress-free relocation

Even though moving seems overwhelming, it can go smoothly if you are prepared well. There is a lot of things to think about, from decluttering and packing to transporting or storing your things. There is also a possibility of hidden expenses or even worse – damaged items and moving delays. Luckily, hiring experts from can solve all your moving-related problems and give you enough time to focus on organizing your business and the adaptation period.

Things to do in Washington DC – one of the reasons why DC is so attractive

There are a lot of things to do in DC. Besides the traditional attractions – the Smithsonian museums, the US Capitol and the monuments – you’ll find amazing restaurants, a large number of museums, and nightlife scenes. The city itself is very lively and offers a lot of job opportunities. This is why DC is one of the best places to live for young professionalsHere are some of the things you can do or see when in D.C. that are open all year-round and will never charge admission.

Washington Monument

Built as a tribute to George Washington’s military leadership from 1775-1783 during the American Revolution, the monument is still standing tall. It serves as a beacon for the District, acting as an invitation to the city and a marker of where many of the country’s most important monuments and memorials reside. After its 2019 renovation, the Monument is in the best shape of its life.

Washington Monument, one of the reasons why DC is so attractive.
Built to honor George Washington, the United States’ first president

DC’s Street Murals

A lot of stories in a form of art can be found on mural walls when navigating the streets of Washington DC. From scenes capes over historic figures to bursts of color, DC’s murals are a versatile mix of styles and a perfect representation of a city filled with peoples and cultures from all over the world. You can enjoy watching amazing creations and maybe get inspired!

Street murals
DC’s murals are a versatile mix of styles and creations

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The memorial is a 30-foot-tall statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, featuring his likeness carved into the Stone of Hope. It emerges powerfully from two large boulders also known as the Mountain of Despair. Together, this combination represents the soul-stirring words from Dr. King’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Text from this speech is cut sharply into the rock of the Stone.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial – an ode to American history

Rock Creek Park

Pretty much what Central Park might be to New Yorkers, that’s what Rock Creek Park represents to DC locals. The park is almost double the size and there are a lot of reasons why it’s special. The park offers 32 miles of hiking trails along the Western Ridge and Valley trails and a lot of picnic areas. There are also golf and tennis courts for sports lovers.

Things to do before relocation

Moving out is time-consuming and requires a lot of preparation. It’s hard because the process itself alone can bring so many challenges and responsibilities. However, if you plan every stage of the relocation process carefully and in detail, you will minimize the chances of unpleasant surprises. Transport only the essential items and get rid of the unnecessary clutter.


Do you think there are excess items you can do without? Are you sure that you have eliminated all the clutter? Of course, now is the perfect opportunity to declutter! If you haven’t used something in over a year, then you probably don’t need it. When you throw out useless household items, the whole packing process will be much easier!


Packing for the relocation must be done carefully. It’s important to find good quality boxes. They will keep your stuff safe. Also, don’t forget to label all the boxes. This will make unpacking much easier and convenient. However, when it comes to packing and moving, one of the things you should definitely do is hire professionals. They can easily transfer the inventory and you have nothing to worry about!

Change the address

Before you move out, make sure to notify everyone who needs to know your new address. Also, if you have any subscriptions you need to cancel them or simply change the address. Make sure that your family and friends also get the new address before the relocation to make them feel included in the whole process.

Stay safe and healthy

Of course, we can’t even point out how important this part is. With this pandemic going on, now it’s important more than ever to be safe and take care of our health. Maintain social distancing, wash your hands and wear masks. Make sure to eat healthily and take some vitamins. If possible, try to include daily activities in your daily routine – take a walk or if possible go on a hike or for a run. Do whatever it takes to feel healthy and happy!

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