Reasons to spend your summer vacation in Saudi Arabia

Today Saudi Arabia is one of the most coveted destinations in the world. Since this kingdom opened its borders, a lot of people have flocked into the country in search of something new. Many American ex-pats found their new home here. They came in search of a great career opportunity and a change of scenery and culture. However, Saudi Arabia is not only welcoming to ex-pats.  It is a country that offers so much to tourists and visitors looking to escape during the summer months. There are plenty of reasons to spend your summer vacation in Saudi Arabia and experience this great country.

Why Saudi Arabia?

Saudi  Arabia is a country with plenty of opportunities. Its oil-based industry is booming and the economy is developing fast. In 2019 this economic boom led to the opening of borders and many people came here looking for jobs or moving their businesses. However, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offered them much more. Today it is a highly coveted country for those looking to move and for those just visiting. It offers a glimpse into a different culture, religion, and lifestyle. Saudi Arabia provides a breathtaking view of nature and the natural beauties of the country. It also provides a diverse community and a sense of exploring the diversity of this country. If you are looking for a good place for your summer vacation, you should look no further. You should just look at some of the reasons to spend your summer vacation in Saudi Arabia to decide to book your flight here.

Kaaba Mecca
Mecca And Medina are the dominant Islamic places of worship located in Saudi Arabia

So, let’s list just some of the reasons to pay Saudi Arabia a visit during your vacation:

  • Religion, culture, and History
  • Diversity
  • Natural beauty
  • Gastronomy
  • Things to do and see

Religion, culture, and History

One of the strong points of Arabia is its rich history and many revered and worshiped monuments. Two cities and monuments that are central to the Islamic religion are located here. These are the cities of Mecca and Medina home to the building of Kaaba and the tomb of the prophet Muhammad. Both places are places of worship and strong religious sense. You should visit them to the point that religion allows you to get a sense of the great religion and way of life.

Saudi Arabia is also a place with many monuments and traces of their pre-Islamic religions. One of the oldest recorded human footsteps is preserved here as well as the pharaonic inscriptions made centuries before. Many of these were not known until the kingdom opened its borders. Today they are places that tourists love to visit and explore.


However, Arabia does not only offer a glimpse into the Islamic culture and history. As a very diverse place, it also offers a look into other cultures and religions. The influences they made on this country are immense as there are over 30% of immigrants live here. However, moving here with the help of is not new. This is also depicted in the historical evidence of many other religions and kingdoms existing here before. So, make sure to visit the Barzan area in Hail and the Shubra Palace in Taif among others.

Natural beauty

Contrary to popular opinion Saudi Arabia is not all desert. The country has plenty to offer and see and the beauty of its nature can take your breath away. Some of these examples are the mountains of Asir and the great coral reef. These are the places that are completely untouched by man and preserved in all their glory. The mountains provide fresh ns cold air and are a tranquil place to spend some time and enjoy the view and wildlife.

Elephant trock
There is a diverse natural beauty here

You can also pay a visit to the Edge of the World a popular tourist destination. This high cliff is a paradise for trekkers that offers beautiful scenery to take in and experience.  You can reach the gorge using only 4x4s and then you can track the rest of the way. In contrast, you can also visit the beaches of the Farasan Islands. These coral reefs have a developed and untouched ecosystem and are full of mangroves, and beaches, and have a beautiful coastline. Any marine life enthusiast will have a lot to see and experience visiting this place.


One of the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia is the unique culinary experience. Food lovers make it a point to visit and indulge in the particular cuisine and state of Saudi Arabia. Traditional food served here is loved all around the world. It is made with a specific combination of unique spices and has a huge following around the world. The diet comprises of chicken and lamb as well as beef. Porkl is however forbidden as it goes against the teachings of Islam.

Things to do and see

With such rich history and culture, there’s a lot to see and do in Saudi Arabia. For your summer vacation, you should not miss visiting Jeddah a port city with a  developed market and many tourist attractions. It offers a dynamic shopping experience as well as a visit to the old town of Balad. Besides Jeddah, make sure to visit the port city of Jizan which is welcoming to tourists. This city offers a glimpse into the traditional architecture and homes in the area. Besides all this pay a visit to the capital of Riyadh. Here you can experience the ancient settlement of Diriyah which represents a unique open-air museum to visit and enjoy.

A beach in SA a reason to spend your summer vacation in Saudi Arabia
From mountains to the beaches, SA has it all

To conclude

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a place to see and experience. From its breathtaking beauty, diversity, culture, and history there is something great for everyone. It offers an unparalleled experience and a look into a different and beautiful lifestyle. This is only one of the amusing reasons to spend your summer vacation in Saudi Arabia. So, consider this great country as your next vacation destination.

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