Places in Pennsylvania favorite among New Jersey seniors

A lot of seniors from New Jersey have started relocating to other states. The reasons are different for everybody. Plenty of people move to more affordable states because they simply cannot handle the expenses in New Jersey anymore. Some seniors move to a state with a warmer climate. A lot of them decide to move to the countryside for health reasons. No matter what your reason for leaving New Jersey is, you should know that you cannot go wrong with moving to Pennsylvania as a senior. It is a perfect state to retire in which is why we have decided to write an article talking about the places in Pennsylvania favorite among New Jersey seniors. If you have been thinking of relocating somewhere, there are plenty of different options in Pennsylvania. And here is where you can read all to you need to know in order to choose the perfect place for you.


If you live in urban surroundings in New Jersey and you are looking to move to a more peaceful, suburban-like place then Glenside is the perfect option for you. Glenside is located very close to Philadelphia practically making it a suburb of Philadelphia. Reaching Philadelphia from Glenside is very easy and fast which is why a lot of families and young people live here. But this doesn’t make Glenside any less good for seniors.

Living in Glenside means living in a small town with lots of young people and families but a lot of seniors as well. Plenty of people from New Jersey have relocated to Glenside because of how amazing living there is. There are plenty of parks in this area such as Grove Park and Harry Renninger Park. Glenside has plenty of places where you can spend your free time such as the theatre by the name Keswick.

Philadelphia houses.
Glenside is a beautiful suburban town near Philadelphia perfect for seniors.

Housing in Glenside is not as expensive as one would assume. The median price for a home in this area is just around $420,000. This money can buy you a nice suburban house with a lovely backyard. If you compare this to the pricing of real estate in New Jersey, it is a very small price to pay. Another good thing about moving from NJ to Pennsylvania is that you can hire nearby pros to help out and make relocation a breeze.


Pittsburg and Philadelphia are the two biggest cities in Pennsylvania. Near both of these two big cities, you have lots of smaller towns. And Greensburg is a town located near Pittsburg. The distance is almost the same as the distance from Glenside to Philadelphia. Greensburg and Glenside are similar but different. Both places are very peaceful and quiet which is perfect for seniors.

Both places are also very fun to live in but Greensburg has a lot more senior-friendly activities. There are some amazing golf courses in this area. And if you haven’t played golf before, after moving to Greensburg you will certainly play it every weekend. The courses are beautiful as the nature in this area is very rich and well-maintained.

pittsburgh bridges.
Living near Pittsburgh has lots of pros.

The biggest advantage of moving to Greensburg is that it is much cheaper when compared to Glenside. Not only housing but the cost of living is lower. If you are planning on purchasing a home in Greensburg, you will need just around $250,000. This is almost half the price of homes in Glenside. So, if you are on a tight budget, moving to Greensburg is a better option. You will easily find affordable movers in NJ who will help you relocate to Greensburg.

West Chester

If you want to live in a cute, small town away from the big cities, one of the places in Pennsylvania favorite among New Jersey seniors is West Chester. It is located near Natural Lands Stroud Preserve and it is a town surrounded by forests and plenty of green spaces. This is why the air here is very clean and the reason why a lot of seniors with respiratory issues decide to relocate to West Chester. Also worth mentioning is that there is an amazing hospital located in the area which is another big plus. You never know when you are going to need a doctor.

As this beautiful small town is located not so far away from Philadephia, you can hire to help you move into your new home. And when it comes to searching for a new home in West Chester, you will certainly not face any issues. There are plenty of homes available in West Chester as plenty of them have recently been built. This town is evolving into something much bigger than it ever was as plenty of families have been relocating to the area and the demand for many things is growing.

West Chester caffee.
West Chester has plenty of places where you can spend your free time and that is why it’s on the list of places in Pennsylvania favorite among New Jersay seniors.


Last on the list but certainly, not least, is a town for those seniors who still want to live in an urban city. If Philadelphia and Pittsburg are too big for your preferences and the towns we have mentioned just seem too small, there is a city you must know more about.

Allentown is a medium-sized urban city. It is where you have everything you need and a lot more yet not too much. We believe that Allentown is the perfect place for anybody to live in, not just seniors. This is a city that is one of the places in Pennsylvania favorite among New Jersey seniors for many different reasons. And if your family members are thinking of moving, moving here from New Jersey is definitely a good idea. It has a great public transportation system. There are plenty of amazing bars and restaurants. The city sits on a river which is why it has a beautiful park and a walking trail on the banks of the river. Housing in Allentown is not expensive at all. You can choose between houses and apartments. A lot of seniors opt for apartments as there is less work around them. And if so far Pennsylvania just doesn’t seem like a state you want to live in, moving to Florida as a senior is a good idea as well. There are plenty of amazing Florida towns for seniors.


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