Packing materials you can do without

Before you move, you have to organize your move first. You have to declutter your home, you have to find a reliable moving company, maybe even a storage unit, and you have to gather some packing supplies. When it comes to gathering moving supplies, people usually buy packing materials and protective materials. However, there are some packing materials you can do without. You don’t have to spend extra cash just to pack for your upcoming relocation. There are many ways you can save some money on your move, and one of the ways is not to buy all of the packing materials. So, what are some packing materials you can do without? Let’s find out!

Packing plastic wrap?

Packing plastic wrap is useful packing material. You can use it as a layer of protection, with which you can protect your valuables.

Packing materials you can do without is plastic wraps.
Plastic wrap is one of the packing materials you can do without.

Pro tip: Don’t apply a plastic wrap to stuff with a glossy finish, like tables and pianos. Furniture can be packed with plastic wrap. There is a chance that the plastic will melt under the heat in the back of a moving truck, and it will be impossible to remove it from your item without damaging your finish.

In many cases, plastic wrap isn’t even necessary. But if you need to use it, you can use your kitchen plastic wrap instead. It will protect your items very well, and you will save some money that way.

Use old boxes

If you have a lot of old boxes lying around, use them, don’t just throw them away. Many households are full of old carton boxes, and if they don’t have any tears, they are in good condition to be used again for packing. That way you are certainly going to save some money.

You don’t have to use plastic beans

Plastic beans are used as a protection for valuables that are packed inside of boxes and bins, but there are many more alternatives to them. If you need something to protect your stuff from the truck vibrations, know that you probably have some stuff inside your home that can be used as alternatives to plastic beans.

For example, the crumbled newspaper is a great way of protecting your valuables. Simply get a lot of newspapers, and crumble them. After that, you can put them inside of your container, and your teams should be protected well. There is a slight danger that they will leave some imprints on your stuff, but that happens rarely. If the newspaper is crumbled, that shouldn’t happen at all.

Plastic bottles.
Plastic is very toxic to the environment.

Also, you can use towels and blankets to protect your stuff from vibrations. Blankets should be used for securing larger objects, and towels are for smaller ones. That way you are even going to save some space inside a moving truck.

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