Organization tips for a small kitchen

Everyone knows organizing a kitchen is difficult even when you have enough space! Doing so in a cramped, small kitchen is a nightmare of its own. Here are some organization tips for a small kitchen to help you along!

Shelves! Lots of shelves! With hooks!

Make sure to make proper use of shelves! Even in a small kitchen, wall space is usually wasted. If you put up shelves, not only would you have more space to store your things, but it would look stylish too! In addition, it is easy to add hooks on the bottom to hang your cups, towels, or anything else you could possibly imagine and need within easy reach!

Kitchen shelves.
Shelves can be both stylish and useful!

Use shelf risers!

These neat little things can be fit into cabinets to give you even more space to store things! Usually, there is enough space for at least another row of tableware, at the very least! This would not only give you more space for enough tableware but would also free countertops and other surfaces such items end up on, giving your kitchen a more open and spacious feeling. Just make sure to leave enough space to decorate the walls a bit, since mirrors can surprisingly useful in small spaces!

Proper organization is key!

It is ridiculous how much space can be wasted if you do not organize your items properly. This makes properly organizing your space one of the extremely useful organization tips for a small kitchen. Stack pans sideways. Nest your cutlery and then separate it into wooden or plastic caddies within your drawers. Properly stack cans in narrow spaces between cabinets or other kitchen elements. Every little bit of organizing done helps you get that much more space.

Pans hanging on hooks according to our organization tips for small kitchen.
Do not let your pans take up more space than they need to!

Hanging baskets are useful and trendy!

An excellent trick is to hang baskets from the ceiling or shelves! This would not only offer you more places to store things in, especially fruit and vegetables, it would also make use of space you could not otherwise utilize. In addition, if you feel like decorating, you could place potted plants or even grow some vegetables, like cherry tomatoes, or even herbs, right there in your kitchen.

Hanging baskets.
Hanging baskets are an excellent way to liven up your kitchen without sacrificing space!

Declutter regularly!

Many people underestimate the importance of decluttering! In fact, properly decluttering can be the key to solving your space issues. Do you really need extra mugs when you have so many already? Is it really imperative you get another tea set? That’s not even mentioning plastic bags that somehow keep popping up around your kitchen, boxes you might have brought your groceries in from the market, or mundane items that have no business being in a kitchen in the first place! All of these things make your small kitchen seem even smaller and more crowded. Make sure to take everything you do not need out, and put everything else on shelves or in drawers.

Make use of storage bins and other containers!

Storage bins are useful for a reason! You can pack up the tableware you use only on special occasions and squirrel it away! Or you could place it in another room. You could even opt for placing them in a close-by storage unit. Or, if you want it close at hand, you can even slip it between cabinets or similar without fear of them getting dirty or damaged. They are also useful for organizing things in cabinets, as you can fill them up by type of tableware so you know exactly where everything is if you need to get at it quickly!

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