Office relocation action plan

Any business can come to a point that it needs to move its business elsewhere. An office relocation is a sound business decision that may depend on many factors. You may want to be closer to your target market and clients. It may be that your business has outgrown your current office space. You may want to cut costs.  These are all legitimate reasons to move office locally or interstate. But you must know that you must have an action plan to do it. This is not an easy task and it should not be taken lightly.

Why is planning important

Well, an office over will certainly disrupt your business. It will be a burden for your employees and it can take time. During the process, you will not be able to keep up with the standard of production or the level of quality in client servicing. Ultimately it will cost you income and profits. This is why it is important to plan the process in detail.

A schematic plan is needed for an Office relocation
Making an action plan will make your move go smoothly and easily

An office relocation will be smoother if you make an action plan on how to do it. So make sure you have one before you start moving. In addition, make sure to inform your employees of your intentions so they can prepare. let your clients know so they can be understanding about any problems they might have.

But, first and foremost make inquiries and find the right office movers to handle the job. Your staff can handle the process to a certain point but professionals will bring the disruption to a minimum and help conduct the relocation quickly.

Relocation action plan

This action plan will be a list of all of the tasks that have to be performed to complete the move. it will be a blueprint for your successful relocation. The plan must define who is charged with what task, by which date it should be done, and the budget for this action. So, here is what is important to define with this plan:

  • Appoint staff
  • Determine the time frame
  • Define the budget
  • Customize the plan


First, make sure that your staff is well informed about the moving decision and prepare employees for this change. Then make a moving team from the members of your staff.

A staff meeting
Make sure your staff is organized and involved

First, appoint the leader. This person must have great organizational skills and the authority to command the moving process and represent the company.

The moving team around the leader should be chosen by the owner and the team leader. This is the best way of appointing staff and delegating tasks and responsibilities.

Time frame

Set the time frame and precise dates to complete the move. Be certain to plan the move for the time your lease will expire. Also, try to time the move for the period when the workload is at its lowest point. You will then be free to exploit the downtime and minimize the disruption in your business processes.  Set both the star and final date to complete your office relocation.

A calculator and finances
Make sure to make a realistic budget and stick to it


Make sure you have a precise budget for your move. These moving expenses can get out of hand so make sure you periodically review the budget and keep costs in check. So just like any other move your office relocation can be stressful and a difficult process. However, with the proper planning and support of your staff, you can manage it successfully and with minimal loss of time.

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