Moving your office from Hilliard to Jersey City

Hilliard is a city in Ohio located very close to Columbus. This location sounds amazing, and it really is. But there are far better places to have an office in. Jersey City is one of the best cities to have an office in for plenty of reasons. A lot of people live and work in Jersey City. Cities like these are very good for opening offices and it is why many business owners started moving their offices from small to bigger cities. And if you have office spaces in Hilliard, you might also be considering moving your office from Hilliard. We have to suggest Jersey City as it really is an amazing city to work in and have a business in. But relocation isn’t easy, especially when it is long-distance commercial relocation. But that is why we are here to give you some guidance as well as some tips that are going to make this task so much easier to handle for both you and your employees.

Start organizing your relocation months in advance

The best way to make sure that everything regarding your office relocation goes smoothly is to start organizing your relocation months in advance. This will give you the power to predict every step of the move and to have a very detailed timetable of your moving process. This makes relocation easier and less stressful. So, as soon as you start searching for new office spaces, start organizing your moving process. Write this plan down somewhere where you will be able to easily access it as you are going to need it more and more as the moving process goes on. You will need it for writing down information and checking off the things that you have already done.

Woman using a laptop for reasearch as you should do prior to moving your office.
Planning your move is very important.

This plan of yours needs to contain all the information that is useful for your moving process. Addresses, all the expenses, moving company options, moving day checklist, dates, and everything else that is related to your move should be written down here. This is really going to be helpful so make sure you don’t skip planning your move. Relocating is a complex process and it is very easy for you to accidentally forget to do certain things. This is why organizing an NJ relocation in a week is a real challenge.

Hire a professional moving company when moving your office

Moving your office from Hilliard to Jersey City means that this is a long-distance relocation. This is a task you can’t possibly do without the help of professionals. Hiring an experienced moving company such as Zippy Shell Columbus is what we recommend doing. This way you are making sure that your relocation lasts as short as possible and that you don’t have to worry about doing any physical work regarding your move.

A woman stressed out sitting and thinking.
Moving offices is very stressful and it is why you should hire professionals to do the moving for you.

Professional movers will carry your things, load the truck, unload the truck. This all makes the transport of your inventory to a new office much easier as you won’t be the one doing it. There will be a team of trained professionals doing all this. Not hiring movers is a big mistake. This is only going to make your relocation harder to handle as you and your employees or friends and family will be the ones doing all this work and moving. This means that the whole process is going to last unnecessarily long and it is going to be very tiring. Working on a Monday after a whole weekend of moving is the worst situation to find yourself in. You will definitely be too tired to do any work and moving into a new office requires a lot of work.

Handle packing your office professionally, too

Packing your office for relocation is the toughest part of this whole process. Offices are usually very big with plenty of IT equipment, paperwork, and office supplies. All of these things have to be packed differently but each and every one of these things has to be packed properly! This is why you have to handle your packing process professionally too. This means either becoming a packing professional by reading dozens of tips and tricks or simply hiring packing professionals to do the packing for you. They are people who can pack everything up and get it ready within a couple of hours. Whereas if you were to do it on your own, it would take you a couple of days

Have your employees do something regarding the move

You can’t and shouldn’t leave all the work for professional packers and movers to handle when moving your office from Hilliard. Not only is this going to cost extra but it can also create plenty of issues for you and your business. Even though the people you hire are professionals, they aren’t flawless and they sometimes make mistakes. If something gets damaged, they will be the ones responsible. But this isn’t only going to affect him, it will affect you and your business.

Have your employees pack their own cubicles or desks.

For example, if some paperwork gets mixed up during relocation, it could propose some issues in the future. This is why your employees or you should be the ones packing the things that are important for the company. Packing IT equipment isn’t easy and it is a task that you should leave for the professional packers to handle. You have to have the right packing supplies in order to properly pack these things as they are very expensive and easily damageable. Of course, there are some packing materials you can do without.

Move during the weekend

We can’t stress enough how much the timing of your move is important. Moving out of an office into a new one during the working days is nothing but a bad idea. You will be making a lot of noise when packing and moving which means that you are going to be disturbing other businesses that have offices in the same building as you do. This is definitely a wrong move to make which is why you should try to plan moving your office from Hilliard to Jersey City during the weekend when not a lot of people are in the office.

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