10 Things to Know Before Moving to New Jersey With Kids

Are you moving to New Jersey with kids soon? How to prepare yourself, your kids, and your items for transportation? It is not easy to move with kids, no matter how old (young) they are. Toddlers, a newborn, teenagers…it is all hard and stressful. Being prepared and organized is key to a successful relocation to NJ. Here, you will find 10 most important things to know before moving to NJ.  Facts about NJ, where to move, how to prepare your kids, and how to move?

#1 Best places in NJ for families with kids

The first thing to know and decide is where to move? What places are good and safe for kids in New Jersey? Raising a family is not a stressless job, but if you live in a place that is safe, affordable, nice, friendly, it may get a little bit easier. So, before you start to organize your move, choose a place where to move. All of these places are good for families with kids.

  • Princeton Junction
  • Upper Montclair
  • Short Hills
  • Monmouth Junction
  • Princeton Meadows
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Plainsboro Center
NJ seal.
NJ has plenty of places where you can move with your kids, choose a place you like the most

#2 Why should you move to New Jersey with kids?

What are the benefits of moving to NJ with your kids and why should you move there?

  • NJ has amazing beaches your kids will love.
  • Diversity is great and your kids will be able to meet a lot of people from different nationalities.
  • Food is delicious, especially because in NJ there are a lot of Italians.
  • NJ has a long and rich history, so you can visit museums and historic places together.
  • Your kids will experience all 4 seasons. Cold, snowy winters and hot summers.
  • If you don’t love the beach, you can spend time in one of the lakes.
  • NJ is home to great doctors, dentists, and hospitals which is very important when moving to New Jersey with kids.
  • It has a lot of places you can visit with kids such as the zoo, aquariums, parks, playgrounds, small towns, etc.
  • Summer camps are a great way your kids can have fun all summer.

#3 Job market and housing in NJ

To raise the kids or to start a family, you should be financially stable and to have a job you love. Yes, NJ is the most population-dense state in the USA, but the unemployment rate is 4.6%. The fastest-growing jobs here now are health care, physical therapy, nursing, diagnostic imagery. The minimum wage is $8.6 per hour.

Another thing to consider before moving to NJ is housing prices and options. The median home value is $319,000 but it is growing, and most people rent a home because of high property taxes. The median rent is about $2,000, but you can pay a more affordable price depending on the place where you will move.

#4 Hiring a moving company for moving to NJ

When moving to New Jersey with kids, there are a lot of things to do. From packing to searching for a new home, school, transportation, dealing with kids, etc. The list is even bigger if moving to a distant place.

So, the best, easiest, and safest option is to hire a reliable moving company for NJ relocation. You can focus on your kids and they will take care of your household items. Faster and more efficient than you will.

#5 Education

Education is one of the most important things to check when moving with kids to another state. Their future and career depend on it. Luckily, education in NJ is great and some of the public schools are highly rated. The education system in NJ earned an 85.9 out of 100 (which is higher than the national average) according to Quality Counts.

#6 Prepare kids for moving

After deciding to move, prepare your kids, and have a conversation with them. Be open to their questions and concerns and don’t wait to tell them about relocation. Explain the situation and the benefits of it. Some kids get sad, angry, some are happy and excited. It all depends. If they are old enough to understand what is going on, prepare them mentally.

#7 Pack like a pro when moving to New Jersey with kids

Packing will take most of the time, especially if you are moving with toddlers. They want to touch everything, to run around, and that can be very dangerous.

Packing for moving to New Jersey with kids.
You will probably need help with packing, so be free to ask for help or to hire professional packers
  • Ask friends to watch the kids while you are packing.
  • Pack when kids are sleeping.
  • If you have teenagers, they should pack their own rooms.
  • Pack an essential moving box for kids.
  • Or, hire professional packers and spend time with your kids.

#8 Include kids in the moving process

To help your kids accept moving to NJ better and not to feel sad, include them in the moving process. If they are young, make a game. For example, who will pack toys faster. If they are older, let them make a list of all the places in NJ they want to see or ask them to research moving companies and homes.

A kid playing with legos.
By including your kids into a moving process, they will have fun, and you will pack easier

#9 Unpack kids’ items first

After moving to NJ with kids, the first thing to do is to unpack an essential box and their items. Clothing, clean sheets, toiletries, food, water, snacks, unpack some of their toys, set up their beds, etc. Babies and toddlers can get very nervous if the routine is changed.

Setting kids' room after moving to New Jersey with kids.
First, open your essential moving box and set up your kids’ room

#10 Family-friendly places to visit after moving to New Jersey with kids

Explore NJ after moving there together with your kids. New Jersey has a lot of family-friendly places that are beautiful and fun. Before moving to New Jersey with kids you can together make a list of all places you want to see and things to try in NJ. Beaches, parks, museums, restaurants, game rooms, etc.

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