Moving to Manville, NJ 101

You need to prepare for your upcoming NJ relocation, but there are so many different tasks that need to be done. Where to start and how to move successfully? If you are moving to Manville, New Jersey soon, you should know that packing is not the only thing to finish. You should learn some facts about this city in NJ and you will know what to expect after moving.  This way, you will adjust faster and relocation will be less stressful. If you have never been to Manville, explore it, and if you are able, visit it before moving.

Things to know about Manville before moving there

Yes, you should explore New Jersey after moving but also you should explore it before moving. The Internet is full of information and other people’s experience of living here. Some of the facts to know about Manville, NJ:

  • Manville is a small borough in Somerset County, NJ and it has  2.449 square miles.
  • The population of this borough is about 10,500 and the median age of residents is 38.3.
  • The median home value is around $254,000 and rent per month is $1,360, but most people (66%) own a home here.
  • If you are moving to Manville with kids, there are 4 public and 1 private school.
  • Now, the unemployment rate is 3.5% and the median household income is $62,787 while income per capita is $29,100.
  • Costs of living in Manville is about 12.5% higher than the USA average but 8% lower than the NJ average.
  • Some of the main pros of living in Manville are a good education, it is one of the economic centers and art and culture are growing.
  • On the other hand, cons are higher costs of living, weak future job growth (recent job growth is negative), and crowded lifestyle.
  • The average commuting time is 25 minutes and most people (82.5%) are driving a car alone, while 13% are carpool with others. The rest of them are working from home or they are using a different type of transit. If you are moving from NYC to NJ, this will be one of the biggest changes.
  • 54.5 voted Democrat and in the past 3 years, most people voted democrat too.
  • When it comes to climate, you will experience here all 4 seasons, summers are hot, and winters are cold and snowy.
A hand.
Collect all information about Manville, NJ and be prepared for a new life

Hiring a company for moving to Manville, NJ

After knowing some of the most important facts about Manville, NJ, it is time to start organizing a relocation. To do it like a pro, you should have professional help from a moving company. But a company you will hire must be reliable and experienced. How to be sure you are hiring the best company for NJ relocation? With these tips, you will have the best professionals on your side. No matter if you are moving locally, or you are coming from another state, hiring a mover is highly recommended because transporting all your household is not easy.

  • Ask for recommendations and get information from people that moved recently. Relatives, friends, and co-workers, they maybe can recommend a reliable NJ moving company. One of the companies we recommend is
  • Don’t pick the first company you will find online, get a couple of moving estimates, compare their bids, and check their prices and services they offer to clients.
  • Check a license and insurance of a moving company, don’t hire a company without these two factors. No matter how much you liked them.
  • Read online moving reviews and listen to other people’s experience with a moving company, but make sure to recognize real and fake online moving reviews and to avoid scammers.
  • If you have to move special items such as a piano or a hot tube, ask if they offer those services and also, what is included in the price you are paying.
  • If you are able to choose a moving date, then be flexible so you will get a better deal and also you will avoid the crowd and a traffic jam. Book a moving company about 2 months before the moving day.
A notebook.
Before Moving to Manville, make sure to organize every step and create a checklist

Packing your belongings for moving

If you are not hiring packing services, then you need to know how to pack for your NJ relocation. When moving to Manville, hiring moving services is highly recommended, but hiring packing services is recommended but not essential. You can do it by yourself (with help from a couple of strong people). Professionals transport your belongings in this area but first, you need to pack items properly.

  • Start early with packing and don’t wait the last moment because it may take you more time than you think.
  • Pack items you don’t need right now (before moving) such as items from a garage or a basement.
  • Collect enough moving boxes and other packing materials. Buy them or get them for free but for fragile items, you need to use new and firm boxes.
  • Declutter before packing, so you will pack only items you really need. This also means you will have more affordable relocation. To organize the move you need to organize and separate items too.
  • Pack an essential moving box for you, your family, and pets (if you have one). This box should include the most important items you will need during the moving day and a few days after moving too.
  • Label every box and unpacking will be easier and faster.
Boxes for moving to Manville.
Pack like a pro and all your items will be undamaged

Renting a moving truck

If you choose to transport all your items by yourself to Manville then you will need the right moving vehicle. Moving to Manville by yourself takes more time and energy and it is recommended only if you have experience with a moving van or a truck. One of the benefits is that renting a moving vehicle is cheaper than hiring a moving company.

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