Moving from Seattle to Jersey City? Get everything you need

If you consider moving, there is no better place than to move to New Jersey and particularly to Jersey City. But if you are relocating from Seattle, you are in for quite a change. Your cross country move will lead to a significant change that you will have to get used to. Moreover, your relocation will have to be planned in detail in order to be successful and easy. So, we will analyze all of those things you will need if you decide on moving from Seattle to Jersey City and the Garden State!

Seattle versus Jersey City

There are a number of differences between these two cities to list. The weather is the most obvious change you will experience. Seattle tends to be a rain-soaked city with many people avoiding going out on rainy days. This sessional depression will be a thing of the past in Jersey City. Like NJ and NYC, Jersey City has warm and humid summers and dry winters. So, weather differences are drastic and you will have to adapt to the changes to the seasonal changes in JC. other than that, JC offers a change to the fast pace of a large city like Seattle.

Jersey City
Jersey has a style of its own that takes some getting used to

Jersey City offers a small-town feel and a laid back atmosphere that you will have to get used to. In addition, it is close to NYC so it offers a fair amount of excitement and fast pace to those that like to venture into the rush of a big city and then retire to JC. At the same time, people in Jersey City may seem warmer and friendlier. This is a huge change from Seattle that you will have to accept.

What to know about moving

Moving from Seattle to Jersey City is not that easy. These kinds of moves are also called interstate moves. This means that you are moving state to state over long distances. Getting to your new state of residence may take days which means that the move can be a long process that you have to handle. This requires a more serious approach than a local move. It requires detailed planning, scheduling, and precise organization.

You must know that although you can do it DIY it is advisable to hire professionals to handle the move. You can end up paying more in hidden costs, stress, and lost items if you do it yourself. The expenses and risks of such a move are great so consider investing in a long-distance moving service to be on a safe side. So, research your moving options and different movers. Try to find those movers that can handle your move and provide you with the right set of services. Also, research to find the best possible deal at the right cost. But, you have to make sure to find a reliable, trustworthy and certified moving company to handle your relocation.

What you need to get, make and know

Moving is not an easy process. It requires good planning and prompt action. so as soon as you decide to move from Seattle to Jersey City you should start your prep. So, here is what you must do:

  • Make a detailed plan, schedule, and checklist
  • Declutter and Pack
  • Budget

    A truck and a car rushing on a freeway
    Make sure your long-distance move is handled properly by professional movers

Make a plan and checklist

As your interstate move will be a complex endeavor you will have to make a detailed plan and checklist. You should list all of the activities that you must perform to be successful and have a smooth move. So list everything that you must do to get your relocation on the way.

It may seem impossible but try to define all of the steps that are necessary for your moving process. Also, make a detailed schedule of your activities. Try to make a timeframe for each of the activities and their mutual relation. In this way, you will know just what you will have to and the order of the necessary steps. This will help you complete and keep in mind all of the tasks that you must perform.

Declutter and pack

Decluttering will help you keep the cost of your move down and it will help you shed unwanted weight. Over time we accumulate stuff that we don’t use or need. Through decluttering, you can clean out the things that are only a burden to you. The things you haven’t used for more than a year are the things you don’t need. If you move them you will only increase the cost of your move and waste time, money, and effort to move. So, you are better off giving these things away, selling them, or simply throwing them away. Decluttering will also help you decide on which items, like furniture you don’t need to move. These items can be put into storage and moved later if needed. Hiring Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle or other full-service movers will give you the option of using both their packing and storage services if needed.

Once you declutter you are ready to pack. Packing is a process that you can do yourself or recruit some friends and family to help you with. This can keep the cost of your move down. So you can always get all of the necessary supplies and do the packing DIY. You will need packing boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing tape, box cutters, etc. Just keep in mind that these supplies can cost a lot for an interstate move.


Keep in mind that an interstate move is expensive. Doing it yourself may seem cheaper but it can be risky and have hidden costs attached to it. So the best option is to hire professional movers to do it. So, consider your budget and what you can afford before making your final decision. Also, be aware that there are different moving options on the market. Full-service move incorporates all services including professional packing and unpacking. It is the most reliable offer but it is the most expensive. You can pack DIY to keep the cost down but at a risk.

Calculator and a notepad to write down the costs when moving from Seattle to Jersey City.
Make sure you budget your expenses rationally to know what you are in for

Today you have the options to go for backloading transport. This means that you transport your belonging to joint transport with others. This can considerably decrease the cost of your move. You can also go for transporting a single bulky object like a piano trough common transport. So, your moving options are great. Be sure to make a realistic moving budget so you can get the idea of what you can afford and request from your movers.

So, moving from Seattle to Jersey City won’t be easy or stress-free. However, you can handle it well and do it smoothly by preparing. Make sure to follow these steps to make your relocation a breeze.

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