Moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids – 2020 edition

Are you moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids this year? It is not easy especially if you are moving with toddlers. But, it is not impossible if you have some tips and information. Leaving NJ for MA is a big step and a big change in life. So, to be prepared and ready for moving to another state with your kids, do your homework and research.

Why people are moving from NJ?

What are the main reasons for leaving NJ and moving to another state? The truth is, more and more people are moving, here is why.

  • Expensive property taxes – NJ is one of the states that have the most expensive property taxes. When having kids, it is better to live in a house with a backyard, and it is easier to afford it in another state.
  • Job opportunities moving out of NJ for work is one of the most common reasons. Also, the pension system is better in other states.
  • Education – for kids, a good education is crucial and that is why many people are moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids.
Packing boxes for moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids.
Lately, more and more people are moving from NJ because of different reasons

Things to know when moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids

Before moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids, you should know what to expect after moving and to learn some facts about this amazing state.

  • Massachusetts is a tech hub, especially Boston, and many big companies are located here. The unemployment rate is only 3% and you will have a lot of job opportunities here.
  • Higher education is great and here are some of the best universities such as MIT. Also, MA is one of the best states when it comes to educated people, this is why so many companies want to work from here. This can be a great opportunity for you and your kids.
  • Public education and schools are highly rated, it is a model for the USA.
  • Healthcare is one of the best in the country and 97% of residents have healthcare insurance.
  • Massachusets is a great place for families because it has a lot of family-friendly places, a beautiful beach and it has a low crime rate. Your kids will love zoos, beaches, and parks.
  • MA has a long history and it has a lot of museums, it was one of the firsts colonies in the USA.
  • If you want your kids to experience all 4 seasons in one year, MA is the perfect place. The weather is amazing, hot summer, and cold and snowy winters.

Best places in MA for families with kids

Massachusetts is a small state but it has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a place for you and your kids. You can choose between small towns and living in a big city. Some of the best places in MA for kids to consider are:

  • Newtonville
  • Oak Hill Park
  • Brookline
  • Lexington
  • West Newton
  • Cochituate
  • Hopkinton
  • Belmont

No matter where you move to MA, you will see that people are friendly and nice. Meeting people in a new town is part of the process, introduce yourself and after moving in, host a party. Locals know that place the best, so you can learn a lot from them.

A city in MA - Boston.
MA has beautiful places for families with kids – safe and affordable

How to move with kids to another state?

Moving with kids is not easy, even if you are moving locally. This will be a long-distance relocation, plus the coronavirus pandemic is still here.

2 kids.
Moving with kids requires a lot of work
  • Involve your kids in the moving and packing process no matter how young they are, they will feel needed. Let them separate toys or if they are older, they can pack the entire bedroom.
  • Give your kids all info about moving to Massachusetts and why this is a good idea for the family. Notify them immediately when you decide to move.
  • Hire a kid-friendly moving company, you will definitely need help.
  • Many parents have a problem with old kids’ toys and clothing. They don’t need it, but, on the other hand, there is emotional value. In this case, renting a storage unit is an option. One of the companies is Planet Self Storage.
  • Don’t change kids’ routines when moving, they should eat and sleep always at the same time.
  • Pack an essential moving box and pack all the things your kids are using every day, including one new toy to keep their attention.
  • After moving, first, unpack their items such as bed, clean linens, food, snacks, etc.

Moving during the coronavirus pandemic with kids

Unfortunately, moving in 2020 is different than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To organize the move and keep your family safe and healthy, you (and your family) must follow these steps. If your moving is essential, then make sure to do everything right.

  • Contact your movers and see if they are still working (they probably do) and confirm the moving date, just in case.
  • Buy all your moving supplies in one go, and make sure you know exactly what you need to buy, so you don’t have to be outside all day long.
  • Clean items before you pack.
  • Tell your kids to wash hands more frequently as you must too.
  • On moving day, you and your kids should wear facemasks and gloves.
  • Cancel and reschedule your relocation to MA from NJ is you or your kids are feeling sick.

It is normal after moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts with kids to explore a new place together and meet your new neighbors. But, currently, you should reschedule it because it is not safe enough and you should be in quarantine after moving. Use that period to clean up your home, furnish it, and to decorate it.

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