Moving for retirement during summer – yay or nay?

Are you looking forward to retirement? Well, with careful consideration and plenty of planning, your retirement dreams can come true sooner than you think. But, moving for retirement during summer comes with positives and negatives. Here are both of them.

Moving for retirement during summer – Is summer a good time to relocate?

Moving for retirement during summer has pros and cons. So, before you make your plans, consider them. But, if you have to move in the summer, you must learn how to organize the move and make it easier and more affordable.

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Is moving for retirement during summer good decision.

Pro – It’s a seller’s market

In case you own home and plan to sell it, you’re in luck when moving during summer. Because this time of year tends to be a seller’s market when home prices rise. More people relocate through the summer than at any other season. So, those who can buy homes are looking for their next place. Learn how to find the best real estate agent in your area and you may get a premium on your current home.

Con of moving for retirement during summer – It’s not a buyer’s market

You’ll make more on your home if you sell in the summer. But, you also may end up paying more for the new home you purchase.

Pro – You will not move in the snow

In case you live in an especially cold part of the country, moving in the winter may simply be impossible. You don’t want to walk through the snow, slip on ice, or drive during a snowstorm. So, you’re moving for retirement during summer and have a much more comfortable and convenient relocation. When you decide to move, make sure you visit sites like There you can find all the assistance you may need.

Con of moving for retirement during summer – Rents are higher

In case you’re a renter, expect the monthly rent at your new place to be higher than if you moved at a different time of the year. In summer, demand for rentals is higher, so prices tend to go up.

Money Dollar
When you’re moving in the summer expect to pay higher rent.

Pro – The storage prices are affordable

Self-storage prices usually stay steady during the year. But, at the end of summer, when people put their beach equipment and swimming pool toys in storage, prices tend to rise. So, move near the beginning or middle of summer, and prices should still be reasonable on that helpful unit. Also, if you re relocating for retirement in NJ, learn how to make your NJ storage unit safe. I will be helpful.

Con – Movers and truck rentals are more expensive

More people move during the summer, so the demand for moving services and rental trucks increases. Then, prices go up. Therefore, if you hire movers, pack all your boxes by yourself. Because this will be one less thing you’ll have to pay the movers to do. Also, if you plan to rent a truck, make sure you rent one a few weeks in advance. Contact a few truck rental companies to compare prices, and ask how much the price will be on different days. Remember, weekends are usually more expensive.

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