Leaving New Jersey for the West Coast: pro packing tips 


Leaving New Jersey for the West Coast is an enormous and strenuous task. You have to plan out many aspects of a cross-country relocation. But the most laborious task is packing. To make packing less grueling for you, we at Movers NJ have pro packing tips. With our tips, you will soon be relaxing on the beaches of California. Let’s begin! 

Leaving New Jersey for the West Coast – assess your budget

Before you start packing, you should revaluate your budget. The reason why you should evaluate your budget is to see if you can afford movers. The simplest way to find out if you can let movers handle your packing is to call them and ask them for an estimate. With professionals, your items will arrive anywhere on the West Coast. From Washington to sunny California. If the number is not too high for you, let Good Neighbors Moving Company pack you and get you to California or anywhere else on the West Coast. Their packers will handle all of your items with care. But if you can not afford packers, read on! 

Calculator and pen on paper
Before leaving New Jersey for the West Coast, calculate your budget!

Take inventory of your place in New Jersey 

For those who can not afford packing services, here is the first step – taking inventory of your household items. There are many benefits of making a list of your household items. 

  • When you are leaving New Jersey for the West Coast, it will relieve a ton of stress if you had all of your items written down in one place. 
  • The second benefit of inventory is to prevent you from losing stuff. 
  • And the final benefit is that you can use the list to get the exact amount of packing supplies.  

Now that you know the benefit of a list. Let’s talk about how to make it. There are two ways to take inventory.

  • The first way to make a list of your household items in New Jersey is to use a pen and paper. It is fast and straightforward and does not need any technical know-how. 
  • The second way is to use your phone. Every mobile phone has a note-taking application. The benefit of a phone is that you probably won’t misplace it. And if you want, you can get an application that provides even more features and can let you update your list on the go. 
a person writing in notebook
A list will prevent you from losing your items.

Decluttering your New Jersey home 

This paragraph will talk about the second pro packing top – decluttering. Before you start ordering moving supplies or packing, you need to reduce the number of your items. If you have fewer items, you will need fewer packing materials and pack faster for the West Coast. Here is how you can declutter your Garden State place. 

  • The first tip is to put duplicates away when making an inventory.
  • The second tip is to organize a garage sale. With a garage sale, you can earn money and spend it on better packing supplies for your relocation to the West Coast. To get more people to your garage sale, tell your neighbors about it or pass some flyers. 
  • Finally, items you can not sell, pass them on to your friends and family or donate them. 

With these three tips, you will declutter your New Jersey home successfully and can move on to our third packing tip. 

Getting moving supplies before leaving New Jersey for the West Coast 

Now that you have a list of items and have decluttered your NJ home, you can get moving supplies. There are a lot of ways to get moving supplies. But before we get into that, measure your household items. The information from measuring will help you get the right amount of supplies.

Let’s talk about how to get packing supplies. 

  • The straightforward way is to go to the store and buy what you need. 
  • The second way is to get them on the internet. 
  • You can also buy them from moving companies. 
  • Finally, you can get moving boxes from local stores in Jersey. But those boxes are generally not as sturdy as new ones. 

Here is a list of moving supplies. 

  • Moving boxes
  • Plastic bins
  • Tape 
  • Wrapping materials (packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.)

With the right packing supplies, you will soon be moving into a place in California on the West Coast. When you pick a home in California, the crews from the area can help you. They are reliable movers who know California well and will move you in fast and hassle-free. 

How to pack when leaving New Jersey for the West Coast

Let’s finally get into packing. Packing is hard on the body but not hard on the mind. Here are the simple tips to keep in mind.

  • First, you should always line the bottom of moving boxes or bins.
  • Second, put the heavies items from your New Jersey home in first. 
  • Third, do not overfill boxes and keep them under 40-pounds. 
  • Finally, always secure the edges of the boxes with tape to prevent them from opening when transported to the West Coast. 

If you keep the above things in mind, your packing process will be successful.

When it comes to furniture, make sure to disassemble every part you can take apart in your New Jersey home. Finally, try not to skimp on materials when wrapping china and glassware because they are very delicate. 

The essentials bag 

Our last pro packing tip will be about preparing an essentials bag. Your essentials bag should be tailored for your needs. But we will give you guidelines on what it should contain. 

  • Any essentials bag should have toiletries. 
  • A change of clothes. 
  • Bad sheets. 
  • Any medication. 
  • Food for the trip. 
  • Medication for your pets. 
  • Laptop and phone chargers. 

We hope that our guidelines help you create a perfect essentials bag for yourself. 

woman walking on pathway
An essentials bag will be helpful until you settle in.

You are ready 

If you follow our pro packing tips leaving New Jersey for the West Coast will be easy and stress-free. Good luck! 


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