Leaving Connecticut for New Jersey – how to prepare your household

Are you seriously planning to move to New Jersey and are interested in ways to prepare your household for that? You are in the right place. New Jersey is an exciting state that will be a great home for you that is for sure. No matter what the reasons are, it is very important to be informed and plan in advance. If you are well organized leaving Connecticut for New Jersey will be quite easy. Let’s see what are some of the tips out there.

Reasons for leaving Connecticut for New Jersey

Regardless of whether you are moving house or business, New Jersey will be your new ideal home. There are many reasons for that as you know. New Jersey is one of those places that everyone likes no matter the circumstances. But don’t let disorganization ruin your experience of this country. So be prepared and think ahead. In order to help you understand what is what and what are the real reasons why it is worth moving here, we made a couple of comparisons.

a view of an historic building after leaving Connecticut for New Jersey
New Jersey is a beautiful state you will love for sure

#Why come to NJ?

Here is a short list of why you should leave Connecticut and begin your new life in New Jersey:

  • Great entertainment; When people decide where to live, employment always comes first. But it’s not all business. It is also important to have an interesting and valuable environment where you can have fun. That is why New Jersey is good. Here you will find many sports events, matches and concerts. The fun never stops here.
  • Recreational areas; Beautiful nature is crucial when choosing where to move. New Jersey is not far behind other beautiful places here. This state has many beautiful parks that are great for walking with the family, running or some other form of recreation.
  • Quality dining; Some places just don’t have good restaurants and delicious food. That is not the case with New Jersey. In this country, which is widely known for its good Italian food, you will find hundreds of good restaurants where you will surely enjoy yourself.

All in all New Jersey is an excellent place to live and have a family. Only those that live there know how many pros and good sides of it there are. If you have firmly decided to move here know that you are not making a mistake.

Best tips on how to prepare your household for the move

Don’t let moving problems ruin your New Jersey experience. There is really no reason to make unwanted mistakes. There are a lot of bases like bestcrosscountrymovers.com that can make things easier for you as well as many good tips on how to move. Let’s go through some of them.

9-11 monument
New Jersey can often be breathtaking

#Hire professionals to help you

A lot of people think that by doing things on their own they will save money. That could be true but it is definitely not something that is good in the long run or when moving to Connecticut. It is always better to hire experts ready to jump in and make things go smooth. Think about it, if you organize the moving process all on your own you won’t be able to do other important things and you are bound to make unnecessary mistakes. 

#Do a purge

Have you ever wanted to get rid of unnecessary belongings but for some reason you were hesitant? Well, no matter what type of moving we are talking about, it’s a great opportunity to throw excess belongings away. Take a big box and go through every room. Try to decide what is it that you truly need and what is just taking up space for no good reason. Put everything you don’t need in the box. Later on, decided what to throw away and what could be sold online. You would be surprised how many of your belongings can be sold. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make some extra money that way.

#Rent storage

One of the ways you can improve your move is to rent storage for sure. Think about how good a thing that actually is. You can move furniture into storage in advance and thus be much more flexible during the move. Flexibility and good organization are the keys to any good move. Also, one of the important advantages of renting storage is security. Anything can happen to your belongings during the move. This is one way to prevent it. Having an air-conditioned storage room that secures your belongings during the move is a great idea. Think about it.

#Pack properly

As you are leaving Connecticut for New Jersey, try to be smart and save money where you can. One of the ways is not to buy new boxes but rather get old ones. Find a local furniture store and ask them if they have some boxes they don’t need. Those boxes that have holes in them throw away and keep only the solid ones. As you are packing try not to leave any empty spaces. That way, you will avoid wrinkling or breaking your belongings.

couple moving a cardboard box
leaving Connecticut for New Jersey is a great idea

#Book in advance

It is very important to think in advance as we have said already. That is why you should tend to book things in advance. That especially applies to moving. Depending on the time of the move prices could be cheaper or more expensive. By booking in advance you can choose the price you like depending on the company you are hiring. Also, by doing so unnecessary mistakes are being kept to a minimum.


Leaving your home and moving to a different environment can be a little bit scary. But there is no reason to be worried at all. Everything is in good organization. It could be good that leaving Connecticut for New Jersey is your plan if you organize the right way. And don’t forget, invite your friends to help you. That way nothing will be boring to you.

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