Keeping your elderly parent safe from coronavirus during their NJ move

There are certain types of relocations when we need to take extra care, like in the case of senior relocation, for example. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more important to help. Here are a couple of tips for keeping your elderly parent safe from coronavirus during their NJ move.

How to keep your elderly parent safe from coronavirus during their NJ move?

You need to make sure to do everything you can to protect your elderly parent during the relocation. So, be aware that your help is necessary during this relocation. It’s obvious that you can’t expect your parent to handle heavy furniture transportation, but during the pandemic, you need to put in some extra work.

A helping hand is required

In order to keep your elderly parent from COVID-19 during their NJ relocation, you need to help them. For starters, you need to be the one who’s going to organize the whole process. You need to be there to talk to your parent, make a plan, and coordinate the relocation. Also, you should definitely consider using service for seniors who need to relocate as your help might not be enough.

A hand holding a walking stick.
They need your help

Hiring professionals

Yes, you need to be there to help with planning and organization. However, some heavy lifting is also necessary, so you might want to have reliable professionals, like Van Express Movers NJ by your side. Just remember, you need to make sure that your elderly parent doesn’t have any contact with anyone. And you need to protect yourself when meeting movers. Remember, you want to protect yourself first so that you can protect your elderly parent. This is how you can help protect yourself and your movers, too:

  • Contact your movers and see how you can help
  • Offer your movers protective equipment, disinfectants, gloves, and masks
  • Keep all the doors and windows opened before your movers arrive, during the relocation and afterward
  • Clean all the doorknobs, handles, light switches, and other high touch surfaces

Talk to your elderly parent

It’s easy for your elderly parent to start feeling out of control during this process. But, while people want to protect their parents, they also want them to feel safe and comfortable during the NJ relocation. So, that’s why we should talk to them, explain what’s going on and what we’re going to do to protect them. Also, you might want to limit your own contact with your parent as well. Remember, they won’t even be able to meet people in their new town. So it’s important to let them know it’s all for their own sake.

Elderly sitting on a bech.
They won’t be able to meet new people for some time

Take care of your elderly parent

In order to keep an elderly parent safe from coronavirus during their NJ move, you need to organize their safe transportation. People in the vehicle need to have a facemask and windows should be open. Also, remember to clean all the furniture and items that were touched by other people. Hopefully, this will soon be done and your parents can return to the normal living in their new home.

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