Importance of mirrors in small apartments

Mirror, mirror on the wall, my apartment feels so small… Well, that was pretty awful. Sounds like something a bad stand-up comedian would choose not to say. Anyway, let’s act like that never happened. Have you ever wondered how some small changes in your home can have an impact on how you perceive space? It’s pretty safe to assume you did. Living in a small apartment can sometimes feel like living in a dirty cage. Alright, that was a bit harsh but there’s no way anyone will question the fact most people feel better when they have space. Also, most people can’t afford bigger homes. If you fit into that category, and by reading this article you probably do, there’s a way to make your apartment seem bigger. It may be an illusion of space, but it works. In the text below we’ll emphasize the importance of mirrors in small apartments. Pretty soon you’ll figure out why.

The Grand Illusion

No, we’re not going to talk about the famous Renoir movie. This paragraph is about the illusion of space mirrors produce. Have you noticed how most elevators have mirrors inside them? By hanging a mirror inside an elevator you are preventing triggering a panic mode in people with claustrophobia. It’s pretty safe to say – the grand illusion works. And, of course, by hanging a mirror inside your tiny bedroom you won’t suddenly think you have a two-bedroom apartment but you will notice a great change. Hopefully, you’re not scared of mirrors or something.

a collection of Moroccan mirrors on a wall
It’s very important you hang a couple of mirrors if you live in a small apartment.

Maximize the room’s light by using mirrors

There’s no movie title in this one. Anyway, you can maximize the brightness of a single room by using a mirror. Place a mirror across from the window and bring more natural light into your apartment. You’ll be amazed at how a single mirror can light up the room. Also, when you have friends or relatives over for a lunch your place will look like a cute & cozy small restaurant. Find yourself some vintage mirrors to emphasize the new look and enjoy some lazy Sundays staying in and resting.

A big mirror inside an apartment. There's no need to overemphasize the importance of mirrors in small apartments.
Make your apartment brighter by using mirrors place across the windows. You’ll undoubtedly be amazed.

Hide imperfections by using mirrors

Every apartment has a scar. It’s not like they’ve been in an accident or something, but it’s not far from the truth either. Remember that one time you’ve spilled coffee and made a beautiful stain on the kitchen wall? Well, you can cover it up with a mirror. A couple of moments more and it practically never happened. Easy as that.

So, there you have it – a couple of ways you can make your small apartment seem bigger and brighter. Mirrors can be helpful for a number of causes. We’ve named just a few and hopefully, it’s enough to underline the importance of mirrors in small apartments. If you can’t afford a bigger apartment, this is the best way to cope with the fact.

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