How to transport heavy items trouble free?

Moving is not easy because it requires a lot of physical activities such as lifting, walking, carrying heavy items, etc. And if your body is not prepared for this, you can get some serious injuries during your relocation process. This is why you have to know a bit more about how to transport heavy items trouble free. This is going to help you handle your next relocation like a pro.

Hire movers to help you transport heavy items trouble free

The best way to make sure that your relocation goes smoothly and you stay away from injuries is to hire a reliable moving company. They are the ones who know how to transport heavy items trouble free as they do it all the time. If you hire movers, you won’t have to worry about too many things regarding your move as your movers will be the ones doing most of the work for you. This is especially recommended for people with children and elderly people because getting hurt while moving is definitely not something you want to happen.

Hiring movers also makes a move last much shorter. If you were to use your car or rent a truck you’d spend a lot of time loading your belongings in and out. Hiring movers is not something that is very inexpensive but if you start planning your move on time, you’ll collect enough money for it. 

Disassemble your furniture

Furniture is very heavy and bulky. Most people struggle with transporting them if they don’t hire movers. And if you decide not to hire movers, you should definitely disassemble your furniture before you start moving it. Almost all furniture can be disassembled. Beds, sofas, bookshelves, armchairs. Disassembling your furniture is going to make transporting it much easier and faster. You’ll be able to load your trunk much easier and you won’t need three more people helping you carry the parts.

A white sofa in front of an orange wall.
Disassembling furniture is going to make the processes of carrying and loading onto a truck much easier.

Pianos and billiard tables are the heaviest things to relocate. But luckily they can also be disassembled. You are going to need plenty of time for it but it is definitely going to make it easier. But a heavy billiard table can be moved in no time as well as a piano if you simply hire movers to help you with that task. And as these items are not very cheap, you definitely don’t want them to get damaged.

Protect your furniture

Many people damage their furniture because they don’t put in the effort to protect it. And damaging your furniture is an expense for sure. If you rip your couch or break your bookshelf, you’re definitely going to need to buy a new one. And moving is already very expensive. To protect your furniture you can use plenty of thongs. You can use blankets, bubble pack, boxes, tape. Basically, anything that is going to cover it. It is best to use blankets and use a lot of it but it can be hard to carry items wrapped up into blankets. And remember that your items need to be protected even if you are organizing your local relocation project and not a long-distance one.

If you decide to use bubble pack, make sure you’re not stingy with it. You definitely need to use plenty of bubble pack in order to protect heavy items for the relocation. But you must also use tape to secure the bubble pack and we suggest using plenty of tape too especially if you are preparing your furniture for an international relocation or a long-distance one. 

Bubble pack, tape, and a pair of scissors.
Bubble pack is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your furniture.

Have someone to help you transport heavy items trouble free

If you’re not hiring movers you definitely need someone helping you. This is not a two-person task either so make sure you gather as many of your friends and family as possible. They’d gladly help you transport heavy items trouble-free. But again, it’s always best to hire professionals. They are going to help and neither you nor someone from your family is going to get injured.

Use moving tools

Not many people know this, but you can actually purchase moving tools that make transporting heavy items such as furniture a bit easier. Lifting straps are just one of these tools. They can be very helpful when it comes to lifting heavy items. Lifting straps put less strain on your body. They lower the center of gravity on the item you’re moving. It’s physics so we’re not going to go into details much.

A black lifting strap.
Lifting straps are very helpful.

Utility or furniture dolly are also must-haves if you’re having a DIY move without movers. A utility dolly is an upright tool with two wheels that makes moving furniture much easier. You can also use these to stack heavy boxes and move them this way. A furniture dolly is flat and has four wheels and it’s meant for moving furniture as it is much bigger than the utility dolly. Using these also requires using furniture straps to secure items to your dolly.

If you live in an apartment building where the elevator isn’t big enough to fit some items, you are going to need stair rollers. Stair rollers attach to heavy objects so they can be easily rolled down steps. But you can’t use this tool alone as it is not very stable. You are going to need someone helping you with it.

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