How to spend fall weekends in Hoboken, NJ

While summer is the favorite season for many, no one can dispute the magic of the fall in Hoboken. Fall foliage, pumpkin spice latte, the city smells of apples and cinnamon, apple pies, and many other amazing things are just a small part of October magic in Hoboken. Whether you’re new to this amazing NJ city or soon about to become its resident, here are some ways to spend fall weekends in Hoboken that will make you fall in love with Hudson county and its amenities.

Living in Hoboken, NJ

Many people want to live in a big city, such as New York, and who can blame them? Big Apple is the beacon of hope for dreamers. But also, many are unaware of how ruthless life in NYC can be. Still, the most resourceful will manage to take the best from it and yet, live in peace and comfort affordably. Those would be people who live close to the City, in one of the Five Boroughs or those who replace NYC life for life in New Jersey

One of the most charming places to live in Jersey is Hoboken, the most walkable suburb close to NYC. In this popular Hudson County city, you get to enjoy some of the best shopping, restaurants, and bars in the country. But, that’s not its best feature. Hoboken is known to thrive the most during fall and winter. Whether you’re a fan of fall or not, there are some weekend activities that you mustn’t miss if moving to Hoboken or planning a weekend getaway to “Mile Square City“.

Hoboken city buildings in fall
Did you know Hoboken is one of the most densely populated cities in the US?

Football Sundays At Hoboken Pubs

If you’re a sports fan, you’re going to love the fall season in Hoboken. The city downtown has numerous restaurants and bars with Football Sunday, celebrating sports season in different ways. You get to taste customized drinks, themed menus, and wall-to-wall TV streamings! So, if you want to experience the best football vibes, true fans should definitely check out bars like Madd Hatter, The Shannon, Wicked Wolf, or Green Rock.

The Best Way To Celebrate Fall Season In Hudson County and spend Fall Weekends In Hoboken

The ways to spend fall weekends in Hoboken are many, but if Halloween is your favorite festivity, a treat awaits you only half an hour’s drive northwest from Hoboken – in Demarest Farms. On this historic county estate with a farm, you can taste the finest quality harvested produce, regardless of your preference. The wide selection of food will satisfy everyone’s taste whether you’re a fan of gourmet delicatessens, organic salad bars or you have a sweet tooth. 

According to our partners from relocating company Eagle Van Lines, Demarest Farms is the perfect weekend getaway for hedonists and those who enjoy scenic nature. Still, the Farm’s full glory is best seen every autumn, when pumpkin patches and apple orchards are available for tourists. You can pick and enjoy delicious apples, taste hot apple cider, carve your own Jack O’ Lanterns or watch a Halloween-themed family movie night on Friday evenings from mid to late October!

Field on a farm with ripe pumpkins from a fall weekend in Hoboken
Celebrate the harvest season by connecting with nature in one of the Hudson County farms!

Weekend At Hoboken Harvest Festival 

Is there a better way to fill your fall weekends in Hoboken than to revoke your childhood memories with a visit to Hoboken Harvest Festival at Pier a Park? This festival includes many free activities like face painting, a petting zoo, a hay maze, pony rides, balloon arts and crafts, sports, a moonwalk, and many other fun amenities, so it’s a favorite place for families with kids. But you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this Pier a Park event! Live music, dance, and food vendors with tasty delights are there to put you in the right mode, whether you’re visiting the Festival alone or with your other half.

Enjoying The Fall Foliage In Hoboken Parks

After hot and sweaty summer in the city, fall brings much-needed breeze and comfort. It’s the time of the year Mother Nature changes its suit into the warmest golden, orange, and red colors, reminding us to enjoy the season before winter arrives. This “colorful fashion show” is best seen in Hudson County parks, where you don’t need a pro camera to seize breathtaking shots. You can even track your nearest foliage and decide which palette suits you best but shouldn’t miss visiting Elysian and Church Park in Hoboken.


Men wearing converse sneakers standing on a golden fall leaves
The best fall weekends in Hoboken are usually the simplest – spending a day in nature!

Ragamuffin Parade And Costume Contest

If you love expressing your creative side, October 31 in Hoboken should be a must-attend event in your calendar! Every year, around 15h, between 13th and 14th Streets, ghouls, vampires, zombies, and other monsters gather for the Hoboken horror parade, to which everyone is invited. Simply, put on your creepy outfit and join a Halloween parade! The feast, music, performances, and costume contest are inevitable parts of this event. So, even if you’re a fan of dress-ups, you get to enjoy the show.

Moving to Hoboken this fall

In October, many of us experience big changes such as moving to a new place and switching jobs. While changes can be scary, they are not necessarily bad. Plus, you’ve picked the best time of the year to move to Hoboken. The fall brings great weather – not too cold not too warm, lower moving prices, and if your reach out to reliable locals and plan your relocation accordingly, you get to turn stressful experiences into enjoyable new beginnings. 

Hoboken offers great housing and job opportunities for singles, retirees, and families. So no one blames you for wanting to relocate to Hoboken as soon as possible. Your move here this fall guarantees to be an exciting chapter in your life. From amazing everyday activities to magical fall weekends in Hoboken, you get to enjoy the best NY-wide area has to offer.

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