How to protect your aquarium while moving

Moving is coming soon and packing is part of every moving process, as you already know. If you have an aquarium with fishes and you want to move it to your new home, you need the know-how. How to protect your aquarium while moving and how to do it with ease? Are there any tips that may help you in this process? Yes! Moving a fish tank does not have to be complicated and hard, you just need a guide to follow.

How to protect your aquarium while moving?

To organize the move, you need to know how to pack and protect all your items. Now, it is about an aquarium. Moving pets is always difficult, whether you relocate with a dog, cats, exotic animals, or birds. But, when moving fish, not only that you need to figure out how to transport them but also you need to think about moving their aquarium.

A fish in an aquarium
The aquarium needs to be ready for its inhabitants as soon as you arrive at your desired location.

Here are some tips for moving your aquarium you should consider before embarking.

Collect needed supplies in advance

You will need plastic bags, buckets for plants, duct tape, fishnet, siphon hose, and some other packing supplies to protect your aquarium while moving. Before you start packing, collect all the supplies you will need for moving. Also, you will need moving boxes to transport fish food, aquarium test strips, a water de-chlorinator, a table for an aquarium, etc. There are some packing materials you can do without, but when it comes to moving delicate items, make sure to protect everything right.

Move fish into their transport containers

This is a smart step and you will have time to take the aquarium apart and clean it. No matter if you are going to move fish in bags, plastic containers, or other types of boxes. Wait as long as you can before moving fish into their transport containers to minimize the stress for the fish. Also, stop feeding your fish 24 hours prior to moving to keep the water as clean as possible.

A fish in a fish tank
Protect your aquarium while moving but also protect your fish.

Prepare a tank for transportation

Moving fish tanks is very stressful. They are made of glass and some of them are big. You need to place plants in buckets, siphon out the remaining water, Wipe down decorations and dry them, transport pebbles or sand, and remove all equipment and wipe it down. To pack a tank, use an air bubble foil and duct tape. After that, pack a tank into a new and firm moving box. Fill the tank with towels or other soft materials to protect it from breaking.

Loading everything up safely

Carefully place a tank into a moving vehicle. Make sure nothing can move around during transportation, especially if you are moving long-distance. But, move the buckets with your fish in either the cabin of the truck or in your car, it is the safest way. After all, you want to make this relocation as stress-free for them as possible.

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