How to prepare your piano for a long term storage

When moving furniture and musical instruments present a big challenge. They are hard to handle due to their size and weight. In addition, they are usually very fragile and demand special attention. Many people decide to put such items in storage rather than risk damaging them while shipping overseas or even locally. However, even when storing such items you must know how to protect them. This is especially important when it comes to musical instruments like pianos. Knowing how to prepare your piano for a long term storage is crucial for its protection. Pianos demand special treatment when moving and storing. So here is what you should know about it.

You must consider a few things when storing pianos

As a piano is bulky but delicate you have to be extra careful whenever you need to move it. Expert help here is critical. Nonetheless, you should take some things into consideration when planning on moving it. Here is what you should know and consider:

  • Define your acceptable moving cost. A moving cost can be quite high especially for moving such specialty items like pianos. Make sure to compare a few different quotes before settling on your moving budget.
  • Consider the storage you need. For all of your items and especially delicate things finding a safe unit is a must. Your piano will be best protected in a climate-controlled storage unit. It must be well protected from the elements and unforeseen events like folding and fire.
  • Plan on the right protection for your piano. You must invest in some quality packing material to ensure the safety of your piano. Get the wrapping materials and protective blankets to cozy your piano and protect it efficiently. Make sure that it can’t be scratched or that any dirt can damage the finish.

Another important thing is – not to mix it with other things. Packing for a move is a time-consuming activity. However, take your time with a piano. Separate it from other things when packing to avoid any accidental damage.

Storage units
Find the right storage unit and prepare your piano for a long term storage

Get the right help to handle your piano

As already stated you should take special care of your fragile piano. This means that expert help from experienced professionals is a must. Be clear about the fact that you can’t handle a bulky piano yourself. You should find specialists to help. Once you prepare your piano for a long term storage, quality piano moving specialists can handle this job securely. When you get the right help you don’t need to worry about any damage happening to your precious piano.

The right packing supplies when you want to prepare your piano for a long term storage
Get the right supplies to adequately protect your precious piano

Prepare your piano for a long term storage properly

To ensure the right protection of your piano the best thing you can do is follow the advice and learn some tips and tricks. However, other than knowing how to prepare your piano for a long term storage you should find and engage some right movers to assist. This is a good recipe for ensuring the right protection of your instrument during the move and while in storage. If you have any dilemma, Movers NJ will always be happy to help.


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