How to pack your clothes for winter storage

It’s important to pack your clothes for winter storage properly. When the autumn comes you know you will no longer be needing all that great summer clothes. So there is no reason for that clothes to take up the space in your closet. Naturally, you will be packing it and storing it. There are a few different solutions for storing clothes but let’s start with packing.

Before packing

There are a few steps you need to take before you pack your clothes for winter storage even if it’s just for a few months. The first step is washing the clothes. You want to store them fresh of course. You can even add a bit more fabric softener than usually since it will be stacked and packed for a few months. The next step is not necessary but many people do it. It’s the ironing. It might be good to iron the clothes before packing. Your last step before packing will be sorting the clothes. If you have something else to store too – sort everything and label.

washing clothes before packing your clothes for winter storage
Start by washing all the clothes you plan to store.

Sorting the clothes

Make sure to sort all your clothes. It needs to be done like you are moving away. Some of the summer clothes you will be using in spring, but not all of it. So you want to make sure that your t-shirts are separate from bathing suits so you can grab everything you need and you don’t need to sort everything later. So, pack smartly. Especially if you are storing the clothes in some storage for rent and not your own home. It’s quite easy to go to the basement and grab the clothes whenever you want and it’s another matter if the clothes are somewhere else. Not everybody has the luxury of extra rooms for storage. While sorting clothes make sure to label everything.

Apps that can help you to pack your clothes

There are plenty of apps that can help you with packing. Most of them are free too, so why not try them out. They are great because they can help you with making lists, planning, preparations. Some of them have checklists, reminders, and such. They can be a fun way to pack and label everything. There might be some great tips included too.

A person using a mobile phone to find apps that help with the packing process.
Use the advantage of modern technology.

Who can help you to pack your clothes?

If you have a lot of clothes and not enough time there are two options available. You can ask your friends and family members to help you out or you can hire professional movers. Yes, you can hire movers even if you are not relocating. Most of them have an additional service called “packing”. They come to your place and help you to pack. Most of them can use their own material like vacuum bags and such. That is the easiest way for you and it’s especially handy for big households. So, consider this option too. It will make your task to pack your clothes away for the winter so much easier.

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