How to pack to save space when moving

When you are packing, one of the major concerns, besides time is space. In particular, how to pack to save space when moving. Because the more space you manage to save in every box, the more items you’ll be able to fit inside it. Therefore, you can lower overall packing expenses simply because you’ll need fewer boxes. And, fewer boxes mean lower moving expenses. So, you can save money if you learn how to pack to save space when moving. Stick around to discover some tips you can use. 


Decluttering is the best way to pack and save space at the same time. Every quick packing guide for beginners will tell you that.

So, don’t pack the items you never use. Instead, inventory all your belongings and sort them into four categories:

  1. The items you’ll pack and move with you.
  2. Things to sell.
  3. Items to donate or give away.
  4. Things that are ready for throwing away or recycling.

Therefore, taking only the items you’ll need in the future is the best space-saving packing technique.

Yard Sale
Get rid of the things you don’t need by organizing a yard sale.

Use some items as packing materials

Did you know that there are 5 things in your home to use as packing material? This is a great way to pack to save space when moving. So, use some clothes, towels, blankets, and linens as packing materials and fillers. You are moving those items anyway, so why not use them efficiently, right? 

So, wrap fragile items in towels or blankets to provide extra padding. This will keep your breakables safe during transport. Then, use different clothing pieces to fill gaps in moving boxes. It will prevent items from shifting while moving. Also, you can wrap clean socks around glasses for extra protection. Or you can pack various pairs of socks inside your shoes and save space in the boxes.

These tricks will enable you to use fewer boxes and reduce packing materials costs.

How to pack to save space when moving – Leave lightweight things in drawers

Pack to save space when moving by leaving lightweight items, like clothes and linens, in dresser drawers. You can also leave different small items in desk drawers. Yes, there are some packing materials you can do without,  but this trick will allow you to use the drawers as moving containers. So, you’ll save space in the moving boxes. 

But, use stretch wrap over the open drawers parts as well as around the outside. It will keep whatever is inside from shifting and the full drawers from opening during transport. Don’t forget to leave only lightweight and non-breakable items in drawers.

Drawer Pen - Pack to save space when moving
Want to pack to save space when moving? Leave the lightweight items inside drawers.

Another way to pack to save space when moving

  • Don’t stack the kitchen plates. Instead, wrap every plate individually with packing paper. Then, arrange them vertically on their ends inside the pre-padded moving box. Also, always arrange heavier items on the box bottom. It will add stability and save space.
  • Fill your travel suitcases. Make sure you pack them with heavyweight items that tend to take up plenty of space.
  • Use the nesting method and stack items into one another.
  • Roll up some of the clothes instead of folding them. 
  • Use vacuum seal bags

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