How to organize the move?

Performing the move is not an easy job. But, you can turn the hectic and difficult preparations in a logical and efficient process. All you have to do is to learn how to organize the move. Only good organization can take away the moving stress and chaos. Relocate to your new home with the help of these tips on how to organize the move.

How to organize the move? – Start planning early

You want to know how to organize the move in the best way. Well, you can achieve that only by providing enough time and maintaining the focus during the whole process. Quick decisions may lead to problematic situations and facing the hardest challenges of domestic moving. So, take the time to carefully consider every factor and aspect of your move. Plan your activities in detail, and don’t ignore or underestimate tasks.

A notebook and a pencil you will use a lot to organize the move properly.
Create a plan because that’s the key to a successful move.

Create a timeline

You can complete every task with a skillful and timely approach. Consider all the relevant factors when deciding on a moving date. Also, estimate precisely how much time you have left. Then, make a detailed timeline. Make sure you mark down tasks in chronological order and determine a deadline for its performance. If you do this, you’ll be pleased to see how quickly and efficiently everything is done.

How to organize the move?

How to organize the move depends on two factors. The first one is where you plan to move. Is it a local move or a cross-country one? And the second one is who will perform the move. Is it going to be a DIY move or you plan to hire a moving company?

If you choose to hire the movers, you’ll make the whole process a lot easier. But, carefully research the moving companies. Visit their websites, read reviews, ask for binding estimates, and watch out for signs of moving scam. 


Take the time to sort out your possessions, large and small. Then, get rid of things you don’t need or like. You can sell items that are in good condition but you no longer use them. Or you can donate them to charity or friends. This will save time, effort, money, and nerves.

 A yard sale.
Once you learn how to organize the move, get rid of the thing you no longer need.

Collect packing materials

For a successful packing, you need strong and clean boxes of various sizes, of course. But, you also need packing paper and packing tape. For padding, you can use towels, sheets, and similar things. But you need to buy some special items, like wardrobe boxes for your delicate clothes. Use this quick packing guide for beginners as help. If you’re performing a DIY move, don’t forget a dolly and furniture pads, and protective gear for yourself and your helpers.


Start packing as soon as possible. First, pack the rooms and items you use the least. Like the equipment you rarely need, or out the season clothes and storage spaces. Do one room at a time and label boxes properly to unpack easily later on. Also, make sure you prepare a box with all the essentials for your first day in the new home. Once you organize the move, everything else will run smoothly.

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