How to Organize a Stress-Free Move From Illinois to New Jersey

Often, the thought of moving can be a bit overwhelming. Looking at the big picture at the beginning can make it seem complex with a load of tasks to be completed. In fact, there are ways to organize a stress-free move. It all starts with a solid Illinois to New Jersey moving plan, along with a timeline and various stages of the relocation. Splitting the process into a few steps will make it easier to focus and stay organized. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll look into tactics and strategies that will help make your relocation completely hassle-free

Moving from Illinois to New Jersey

Relocating from one state to another one can become a stress-free move. How do you manage to organize your move from Illinois to New Jersey? The key is to stay organized and efficient. One of the first things we recommend you take care of is the transfer of your belongings between states. Most moving companies will book you weeks or months ahead, therefore ensure to do this well before your moving date. Look into Golans Moving and Storage Chicago, give them a call early on, get your quote and schedule a move. At least at that point, you can take one task off your list!

A Stress-Free Move

Yes, it’s possible! The best and most efficient way to organize a stress-free move is to rely on a moving plan. A well-structured and organized plan with a good timeline is the perfect assistant for a relocation. It not only keeps you efficient, on time, and organized at all times, but you are able to enjoy the process without getting overwhelmed by all tasks to be completed.

In addition, with a good plan, you can strategize the beginning, middle, and the completion of your move. This way you can be sure not to forget anything and will know that you have maintained organization throughout. By planning out all of the relocation details ahead of time, you’ll be able to leave Illinois and head to your new home hassle-free. Therefore, create a plan of your move from Illinois to New Jersey to ensure a successful and easy move!


Packing itself is one of the most important elements of a relocation. Before you begin anything during this process, make sure to get quality materials for packing. Gather everything you need so that packing goes efficiently and smoothly. Overall, a money-saving tip is to get boxes for packing from your local stores. This way you aren’t spending any additional money, and you can get plenty of spare boxes to use for your items. Simply make sure they are sturdy, or secure them with more tape to avoid damaging your belongings. 

stress free move
A good packing strategy is to pack room by room and to label each box.

The better organized the packing process, the more of a stress-free move you create. We suggest going room by room so that when you are unpacking you know exactly where to start and what to do. In addition to that, ensure to label each and every box to make it easier on yourself and your movers. Overall, it’s beneficial if you have a system to go by to keep packing efficient throughout.


Along with packing, consider decluttering. Moreover, it would be a good idea to declutter before you begin packing. Clearing out your current home of excess items will not only make packing faster and easier but it will make the move much lighter, hence delivering a stress free move. Then, whatever you don’t plan to bring to New Jersey with you, you can categorize it! You can either throw out some old stuff, or donate or sell whatever is still in good condition. Have a garage sale before you relocate, and make a bit of a profit!

Moving Company

As we mentioned above, it’s important to contact a moving company ahead of time. Once you have your move scheduled, and after you declutter and pack, it will also make it easier on the movers. The better prepared you and your home are, the more efficient the team of professionals can be. You can also direct them as to which boxes go in which room, etc. Meanwhile, for heavier furniture and other items, you can have the movers assist you with placement.

stress free move
Having a team of professionals help you with the move will definitely ease the transition from one home to the next.


The timeline of your New Jersey move is very important. A last-minute move is possible, however, to have a stress free move guaranteed, ensure to begin the process early on. This way you can have time to maintain your regular schedule alongside planning a move. In addition, by having plenty of time to prepare and organize, you can dedicate tasks for each day and spread it around for better efficiency.

stress free move
Timing is important when moving. Make sure to plan correctly prior to the move in order to manage to prepare everything on time.

Enjoy Your Move

When we hear the word relocation, we right away contemplate the entire big picture of moving and it tends to stress us out. However, once you start planning and putting together guidelines to rely on, that big picture will begin to look a lot more manageable.

As you create your plan for a move from Illinois to New Jersey, break down the relocation into multiple stages, and write specific tasks and things to do for each stage. This way the overall relocation will gradually become a stress-free move. Meanwhile, keep your focus sharp, stay efficient, and maintain organization day-to-day. As you get closer to your move, things will start to look easier.

All in all, with a well-structured moving plan you can visualize everything, and be aware of each and every step of this relocation. Therefore, the stress will gradually dissipate, enabling you to be more productive. Stay organized and enjoy the move!

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