How to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City

Moving in a hurry is always challenging. Ideally, you would need weeks and months to prepare for the relocation. And that’s why many people panic when they’re faced with a last-minute move. So, what to do when you need to relocate quickly, and your relatives and friends are not available. Well, hiring a moving professional is the best option possible. However, that’s not always easy, since you need to check if a company is trustworthy, find available moving dates, etc. To help you out, we’ve made a collection on simple, yet effective tips on how to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City and relocate safely and quickly. Let’s start and not waste any time!

When do you need last-minute movers?

Life doesn’t always go as we planned. Simply, unpredicted things happen and result in big life changes, without any warning. last-minute movers can help you in situations like these:

  • you’ve planned the move to detail, but the movers you hired never showed up. This might be a very stressful moment, but if you react properly, everything will turn out fine.
  • sudden personal life changes – moving in with your partner, a sudden break-up or divorce are all life events you can’t always predict, and sometimes end up with you trying to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City. Again, there’s no need to panic but deal with the challenge of using our helpful tips.
Last-minute moves don’t need to be stressful – us these tips to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City.

How to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City?

Instead of worrying and panicking about your last-minute move, got through our guide, and solve this problem. Here are some techniques to make sure you’ve found a reliable moving company in the shortest time possible.

Know what are you looking for

To make sure the process is quick and easy, apart from the moving deadline, you need to exactly what you’re moving. If your items were not previously packed, start sorting them out immediately. This way you’ll communicate with movers much faster, and check if they are suitable for your move.

Sort out your items systematically – room by room, and try to combine the items by purpose. Also, be sure to get rid of everything you no longer need in the new home – clutter will only waste your time, energy, and money. Also, set aside all the specialty items you need to relocate – tell your mover about them immediately, so they can prepare for unusual/fragile items packing and transport.

After you’re all set up, you can now start browsing companies that are available for that number of boxes/furniture pieces.

The main criterion – moving TODAY

To find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City, you need to research companies that only provide last-minute moving services. Not all companies are available to do this since most smaller movers have their teams and trucks booked months in advance. Narrow your search to only last-minute moving companies that have extra moving teams ready at all times.

Moving estimate

Another thing that can help you when finding last-minute NJ moving companies is an online moving estimate. Filling these on the website you visit will help you get contacted by available companies as soon as possible. Those movers that are free on the selected date will surely contact you in the shortest period of time and definitely help you speed up the process.

house, coins and a clock
Be careful when paying for last-minute relocation – compare moving companies to get the average pricing.

Stay safe

It’s true you don’t have a lot of time to thoroughly check and compare moving companies. However, safety needs to be your priority in this type of move. Moving scams happen most often when people are in a hurry, panicking, and stressed out. So even when you need to move quickly, be sure to check moving companies you communicate with. In this case, the internet can be very helpful, and also save a lot of time. Here’s what you can do:

  • read online reviews – take a look at online reviews about the company. however, don’t spend too much time, since online comments can be fake and misleading. However, these can also be very useful as an additional check.
  • check the license – type their USDOT number or name on the FMCSA website to make sure you’re dealing with the licensed company that can be tracked down if something bad happens. Also, this website offers a hotline you can call to check if a company had any problems in the past.
  • visit the Better Business Bureau – look for the company on this website to check if you’re contacting a trustworthy name.
a woman trying to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City online
The Internet can be very helpful, but also very risky – stay safe when trying to find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City online.

Contact multiple companies

To easily notice a rogue moving company, make sure you contact at least two or three others. Comparing their services and pricing will easily tell you if something is suspicious. Also, you’ll be more aware of the average pricing for a move of that size.

Ask locals to help you find a good last-minute mover in Jersey City

If there’s somebody you know in Jersey City, make sure you ask them about recommendations or any negative experiences. People who moved to NJ recently or live there for a while surely know about local moving companies that can help. Make a couple of calls that won’t take a lot of time, but can be very helpful in this situation.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

Moves can be costly, but choosing the cheapest option you can find can only make it more expensive. Don’t go for extremely low pricing before double-checking that the moving company is reliable. As we mentioned, a last-minute move is a perfect chance for moving scammers to ‘lure’ the victims with attractive prices. So, no matter how close is the moving day, always check the company you trust with your money and belongings.

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